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How has the Coronavirus affected your Summer clinicals plans for NP school?


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I'm in an NP program and I'm supposed to be doing clinical rotations for two classes this Summer. 64 clinical hours each!

My program director finally emailed me today saying "At this time, there are no changes. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, we are planning the courses for both online/virtual clinicals as well as in facility/precepted clinicals."

Which didn't really answer too many questions for me. Do I still look for a preceptor for the Summer? How can I even think about someone who'll agree to it and fill out the preceptor paperwork with everything else going on now?

Sounds as they are hoping for the best to keep current cohorts on time. Remember that programs have a required number clinical hours and to date the certification bodies have not wavered to allow any virtual clinical hours.

but I have to agree that trying to set up Summer or fall clinical hours during this time is going to be especially tough if not nearly impossible. Many facilities and clinics still have no students policies in place.

best of luck.

guineachick, MSN, APRN, NP

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I am in my final semester of school for PMHNP. My school just cancelled all clinicals until June, possibly longer. There is no change to the graduation requirements so I'm going to need to try to load hours if and when they allow clinicals again. My graduation date of August is not looking good and I am devastated.