How can an UK nurse emigrate to USA? Any info?

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Is there any British nurse among you who work in USA? I just started thinking about comming to USA for a few years. Have no info as to what to do or anything else.

I am a F grade Junior Sister on Orthopeadics ward.

I guess, the best way is to use agencies.

Any help, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated.



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If you are in UK, go talk to someone at the US Embassy there. They will be able to tell you what you need, etc.

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Interesting user name. Is Mari Jana your name?

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And WELCOME to this site!!! :nurse:


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Yes, I am originally British and have been in the USA as RN for the past fifteen years. The first item is to decide where you are going to live and then apply to that Board of Registered Nursing for an application package. There are links to the BRNs of various states on this site's home page.

States vary in their requirements for RN licensure for foreign nurses. Traditionally Wisconsin, Texas and Florida were probably the most helpful, although I am not sure of the current situation. See the nursing journals in the UK for advertisements for work in the USA; they will lead you to the most welcoming states, if you are undecided where to live.

I believe all states will require you to take and pass the National Council for Licensure Examinations, usually known as NCLEX-RN (CAT). Some states may give you some form of temporary license and require you to take the examinations within a certain period of time. All will require extensive documentation of your education and training. Boards will require this info to be sent directly to them from your verifying institutions. If your training was some time ago, save time now by identifying who at those institutions is responsible for doing this and obtain the correct names and addresses.

There are many ways to study for NCLEX; take a formal course as the examinations are very different from those in the UK and you will need to get the USA perspective, although really the knowledge base is not that different (I have taught in both the UK and USA).

It sounds daunting, but it can be done. Good Luck


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Have you noticed the other thread here about the U. S. Nurse going to the U.K.? You might be able to really help each other.:cool:


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Hi Marijana: I'm not from UK, but I am seeking the way to migrate to USA. So I think it would be best if you see the CGFNS site ( there you 'll find the answer to your problem. You can also visit, there you can find the links to all the nursing boards in USA, or the address and telephone number, as some of them don't have web site.

good luck in your search!

Cheers from the south


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Thanks everyone...I am in no rush, and I want to know everything there is to know before I make a move. This is why I post and search everywhere.

JNJ, thank you for your help. I would certainly like to get in touch with someone who migrated recently as well, as there might be some changes from 15 years ago. But, as you have experience in both countries and probably know a lot about nursing in UK, how would you compare the two, life of a nurse in the UK and life of a nurse in the USA, both professionally and personally. I guess your preference is clear, but maybe you can point a few reasons.

Mel D, Marijana is my real name.


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Hi Marijana, you might try the "green-card-lottery" too.

Best way to get into the US. You'll get information in every US-consulate.

good luck! Renee

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