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How Can New Grad RN gain experience to land a job as a RN


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I got a job in a nursing home through through an agency. Orientation was minimal (less than a week). I was pretty much learning as I went with some very helpful advice through coworkers. However, I dreaded going to work every day, especially on the weekends when it was one nurse on the floor to 35 residents and only 4 CNAs. I just couldn't do it anymore, so I left. Worse is that the facility wasn't using computerized charting or MARs and TARs, which meant signing your initial a few hundred times. I think that's how it is in most nursing homes as many of my friends and classmates shared similar experiences. The point is just getting one's feet wet and meeting other nurses/friends that may be able to help you in the future. The most important thing in getting into a hospital is networking. You may get hired over someone else much more qualified just because you know a supervisor or unit manager. Many of my friends and classmates have done this, and now i can confirm that it's the reality.

Exactly, that is basically the same thing I have notice others have done on my job search journey. The best way to land a job is network, network, and more network. By doing this it can possible connect you with a manager, recruiter where you can possible reach your target A JOB.

Secondly, by calling HR sometimes you can end up talking to willing party who can give you some helpful hints on what to do. This have also helped me and pointed me in a better direction, instead of appliying all over the place like a stalker with out any response. I landed a agency job by this way ( because nowadays agency are asking for RN experience also), while I do this I will build up my experience continue to network, until I connect with someone. This is NY and you have to be proactive to get what you want, I just got tired of applying and applying then waiting. I am going to do something to get my voice heard...if I made it through BSN nursing school, sleepless nights studying, and studying for the NCLEX; I can make it through this.

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Sometimes networking works sometimes it doesn't. I didn't know anyone at any hospital yet I was called in for interviews at several hospitals when I was a new grad and it was all by applying online. And I was also working my first RN job at a clinic before I was hired at a hospital and had taken several certifications on my own (ACLS, NRP, etc). Be open to alternative settings for RN job, being employed beats being unemployed in every way.