How can I say Thank You?


Hi everyone,

So tomorrow is my last day at my 1st RN job because I received an opportunity somewhere else. I wanted to do something nice for my co-workers because they have been amazing and very supportive. I wanted to buy them breakfast or do a lunch catering type thing but its a little over my budget and very last minute. I was thinking maybe of buying a bunch of bagels but I feel bagels is too typical. Or would you prefer bakery pastries in the early morning? Any last minute ideas? Thanks!

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We've had food brought in from Panera, and the person bringing got an assortment of bagels, breakfast pastries, a bowl of fruit salad, and coffee and orange juice. A mini buffet that pretty much covered everyone's tastes.


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Make something yourself. It's cheaper and it's heartfelt.

On my last day at the clinic they had a huge party for me, and I still brought in "my" shrimp and "my" banana choc chip bread.

After I left I sent flowers and a note to the DON and to HR, because my girls were/are majorly unappreciated.

Best of luck in your new venture, OP!

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I think a heartfelt statement in writing about how awesome they have been would be better than any food or gift.