How can I get a job with no experience?

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How can I get a job with no experience?

Dear Nurse Beth,

I completed my BSC nursing in the year 2008 and my MSC nursing in the year 2011. I was working as lecturer in the nursing college in India for 2 years later got married in the year 2013 and came to America dedicated almost 10 years for my family. Currently I am on H4 visa . I also have my EAD . I passed NCLEX RN in the year 2021 . I want to start my career again but I don't have any clinical experience so could u please guide me where I can apply for job will be good to work in the hospital side or clinics? please help me

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Dear Needs Help,

Congrats on passing your NCLEX! The next step is landing a job.

Your challenges are no clinical experience and a gap of two years since passing the NCLEX. With perseverance, you can succeed.

It may not be easy to land a new nurse position in acute care. Typically, they want experienced nurses or recent grads less than a year out from passing the NCLEX.

Without clinical experience, it may be helpful to start in sub-acute care. Sub-acute can provide you with valuable experience working in a healthcare setting and interacting with patients.

  • To find job openings, check job boards such as Indeed or Monster or the websites of hospitals and clinics in your area. 
  • Network with nurses or healthcare professionals you know, as they may be able to provide you with leads or recommendations.

When applying for positions, cast a wide net. Including any volunteer or extracurricular activities related to healthcare or patient care is helpful.

Ultimately, deciding between working in a hospital or clinic will depend on your personal preferences and career goals. Hospitals may provide more opportunities for growth and specialization, while clinics may offer a more regular schedule and less stressful environment. Consider your interests and career goals when making your decision.

Best of luck in your Job Search!