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How can I ensure I am rehirable??

by Epona Epona Member

Hello! :monkeydance: I wanted to get some advice I can use.

I am resigning from my current employer after being houned and harrassed on a very toxic medical unit. I was counseled, written up and so forth. I met with the HR staff and they said that even though I left with a final warning on my record, I will be listed as 'rehirable.' I have asked them for a letter stating that and they have refused. So I am not confident that when it actually comes for a reference call, they won't nail me and say "Nope- not rehirable." :devil: I DON'T want them to say I am not rehirable if a prospective employer calls. They told me I was, BUT with all that went down, I would not put it past the management to 'turn the other check' once I am actually gone.....

Is there any other way to ensure I will be listed as rehirable? HR told me that all they give out is title and dates of employment, but I had one prospective employer tell me they were going to ask if I was rehirable.... don't want this to affect future jobs, and I do want to list them because I learned a lot... thanks.

Did you get the name of the person who told you that? When, and if, you find that you are being blacklisted by this employer, consult an employment attorney about the matter, be sure to give him/her the name of the person in HR that assured you that you are rehirable. Good luck.

Having experience in HR, it is not usually an issue of being "blacklisted" or them saying that you are rehireable and making you not. Instead, it is a liability standpoint. The vast majority of HR departments will not give out any information to anyone who calls except title and dates of employment. Even if a potential employer asks if you were eligible for rehire, HR will still politely say that all they give out is dates and titles.

It is done so they don't have to open themselves up to "opinion" type questions. Even if you are listed as rehireable, usually when another employer calls, the HR department will still not give out that information because former employers do not want the legal risk of vouching for a former employee, no matter how good they were. Asking for a letter from HR stating that you are eligible for rehire /could/ be taken by another company as an endorsement and that is again, something that HR stays away from.

The HR will have a policy on exactly what info. they can give out if someone calls and asks for a reference. Most will verify what position you had, an estimate of your salary, the dates of your employment. Most will not and cannot tell them if they would rehire you or not. Why? Because you would first have to reapply then go through their pre-employment screening that usually includes back ground checks, license verification, employment verification, physical, drug screen, etc. How in the heck can an organization say they will rehiring you not knowing if you would pass their pre-employment screen or if the unit manager would want to hire you? They can't. My guess is if you had write ups they would likely not rehire you. Now if you sign an affidavit on an employment application giving the place you worked for permission to disclose all info. in your employment file, then they just might do that.


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when i left an early job after a thoroughly obnoxious new supervisor was hired, i had the same concerns.

i kept dithering about it and finally my mom came up with an idea. she, who could sound very firm and very

authoritative when required, called as though she were a prospective employer. all hr would do was to confirm my dates of employment, and say that i was eligible for rehire. all attempts to elicit more information failed.

good luck.

Thanks. Yes. I did get the names of the people in HR who did say I was rehirable. But, with it being the spoken word, they can always change their minds and say - No, not rehirable. That is why I wanted something in writing so I could hold them to their word. :o

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Honestly, there's no way you can ensure that they will say you are rehirable.

However, things that will help improve your odds of being considered rehireable are giving the required amount of notice, working your best until the day you leave (because if you just blow off the last two weeks of work and do the minimum possible, it may make them change their minds and make you not rehireable), not using your resignation letter and/or exit interview to bash certain employees or the unit...and not nagging them about their giving it to you in writing, because the more you nag HR, the more likely you are to **** the wrong person off and have them turn against you.

If you want to know what they are saying, do what sharpeimom did and have someone call pretending to be an employer and verify your employment. Then you'll know exactly what they are/will say.

Good luck on your job hunt!

Only way to find out what they say is to test it. think having someone call in to check your reference is the way to go.

Be very careful about how you handle questions about your old job and why you left in an interview. Even if something is true, being completely truthful can hurt you in an interview. Not saying to lie, but focus on the positives, present things in a way that shows them what you have to give to the new unit.

I had a similar experience with a former employer. To add to what hiddencatRN pointed out about how to handle questions about why you left: I have always found that simply stating "it just wasn't a good fit" comes across pretty well when trying to avoid exposing the nitty gritty about why you had to get the heck out of there.

I am working out my full notice and did turn in a letter of resignation. I have not bothered HR anymore. I did, however, express my thoughts in my exit interview. If that hurts me then so be it. I was honest and wanted HR to know that I liked the hosiptal and would have gladly stayed, but the unit I was on left a lot to be desired. I have a new job I start soon and will be out of bedside nursing for the time-being. Off I go......>>>> :)