How big is everyone's class?


By class I mean the class you'll be graduating with. I just checked online and it looks like my class is only going to be around 28 people. It might grow a little, but school starts on Monday and I don't know why anyone would have been accepted and not registered for class by now.

28 people is pretty small to me. I think our school could hold 40, but it's a private school, so it's more expensive, and there are cheaper schools that are 40 minutes - 1 hour away, so that might be a big reason. Doesn't bother me too much as a smaller class will make it easier to learn everyone's names faster, plus, if school is so expensive we shouldn't have anyone in there who doesn't "really" want to be there, so hopefully I'll be graduating with everyone who shows up on the first day.

Anyway, how big is your class?


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Well... In my group (study programme in nursing and care) are only ten people who will graduate this October, lol. And other study programme maybe 30... It is unusually that student's graduate in October and usually there is almost 100 or more who graduate in spring (May-June). this is in Finland.


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I graduated last month in a group of 130 students. We weren't a degree based program though. Our class is the 2nd to last graduating diploma group from the school. So, they only take fall admissions - and admit people along the way who failed something or dropped for other reasons. Everyone starts the program in the fall though. We started with 166, lost a bunch, and gained a bunch along the way.

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We started out with 35 and graduated 28 last week.....

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Started out with about 28-29 students in the beginning..It came to about 15 graduating from the original class..


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I graduated LPN in 1999, we started out with 42 people and graduated 17. All of us passed our boards.

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We started out with 105, and ended up with 66 graduating. But of thoses 66, at least 15 of them were either LPN transfers, or people who didn't pass the previous semester. So about 50% of the first time admissions graduated on time.

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We started with 80, now we're beginning the last semester with 41 of the original 80. There's more of us, but it's backflow fromthose ahead of us.

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We started with 31 and graduated 25


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we started with 20. lost 1 and gain a repeat this we are back at 20

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