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How to become a NP?

by pacha pacha Member Student

Hello everyone,

So I had a degree in science and I currently got admission into an accelerated nursing program. I eventually want to become a NP. I was wondering what kind of things should I focus on to make sure I can get admitted into a NP Program while I'm in school. Is there a particular unit I should focus on (ex. med/surg) that would help me more? Any help would be really appreciated since I'm so new to this and still learning. 


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You need years of nursing experience first. NP is advanced practice nursing. You can't work at an advanced level with no experience. 


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You will take the same program as all your classmates. You can't focus on anything in particular. 

Focus on doing well academically so that you are competitive when you decide to apply to an NP Program.

ndobrydnik, DNP, APRN

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I suggest the following: 

1. Research the programs available both online and around your place of living (family, pediatrics, midwifery, psychiatric NP, acute care NP, adult/geriatric NP, CRNA?)

2. Compare the costs as well as length of program (some offer part time NP, some offer hybrid MSN-DNP, that might be worth your time)

3. Check on program requirements. Not ALL states and programs are the same. In FL for FNP, for example, not all programs require you to have bedside experience prior to admission to the program. Some can accept you straight after BSN. CRNA program does NOT accept without 1-2 years of ICU experience. 

4. Make a decision which NP you would like to become and which program is best for your current situation (most NP programs can be combined with working at least part time, but not CRNA program, that requires you to study full time for 3 years). 

It takes a lot of research to make the right choice. 


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The OP is in Canada and you definitely have to get experience before an NP Program.