How do you accept money from someone?

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I have a friend who has said they would help me out with school. She is a retired nurse who has helped out may people with their schooling. I was talking to her about a scholarship I NEED to get. She asked when will I know if I have it. I told her mid June. She said does in provide a stipend? I told her it did. She said If you don't get it then I will pay for your school and give me an income. I don't know how to react!! Right now I work for her and she treats me like a queen. She treats EVERYONE like a queen. I just don't know how to say YES I'll take your money and by the way I can't work for you any more because I'll be to busy with school and kids and cows and pigs. I live on a farm.

I know it is not really a problem but for me I have never been able to take money from someone. I have always worked for it.

What if I flunk out of school? What if I'm a horrible student?



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:) She sounds like a very wonderful caring person. I would say "Yes" to the money and say Thank you very much. Don't worry about the "What ifs. Just do the very best you can do. Good luck. You are very lucky to have this woman willing to help you. This is a great opportunity for you so go for it.




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you stated you work/worked for her...think of it as employer reimbursement!

She obviously enjoys helping people if she has done it many times in the past. Maybe somebody gave her the means to attend school and she wants to do the same...maybe she just wants to help...who knows. I would graciously say thank-you and work hard to make sure it was money well spent.


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She sounds like a dear, kind woman, incredibly generous. If her offer makes you uncomfortable with just taking the money you might consider this:

1) giving her a note that said you consider this a loan of sorts and will pay her back when you get your RN and start working?

2) consider this a work/study program of sorts?

If she insists that she wants to do something for you, and refuses to think of this as either of the above, I'd thank her kindly, send flowers, spoil her rotten and study my butt off to show her that her money is well spent. What a sweetie.

Good for you.


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with thanks and gratitude.....chocolate chip cookies and a foot massage don't hurt either.. :) oh, and a front row seat at pinning...

I am in the same boat. Someone I work with is a nurse but no longer practices nursing. She has been my biggest supporter. She encouraged me to apply to school, made suggestions during the application process, etc. I have a 3.8 GPA but almost found myself not returning to school this summer because I couldn't afford it. While chating on day at work I was telling her about my situation and she immediately called my school and paid the bill in full. She strongly believes in my ability to succeed and doesn't want money to stand in my way. I just hugged her and thanked her as often as I could. I also strive to continue to do well because I could never let her down. She is an angel.

Accept the money. Remain humble and DO YOUR VERY BEST!! Make her proud! :) :) :)


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You should take the money and say thank you- I agree with the poster that said look at it as a loan, if she wont take it, do extra stuff for her in the spare time, cut yard, clean house, etc. My landlord helped my fiance with fixing his vcredit report so he could later purchase a house, and all she wants is for us to come to her church sometimes, be thankful some people are simply angels and love to help where they can!


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"Thank You", works for me!!!:)

No seriously, just accept your blessing...and thank GOD!

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1) Cash

2) Personal Check

3) Certified Check

4) Money Order

5) PayPal

6) Stock

7) Mutual Funds

8) Bonds

9) Gold

10) Any other thing of monetary value -- even pennies!

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