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I'm working thru American Mobile Healthcare in Syracuse, N.Y. right now. I plan on taking a contract in Hawaii this summer either with American Mobile or thru some other agency. I'm keeping my options open. Basically I'm looking for info on housing. Does anyone know agencies that pay full housing? I still have to find out about AMH. But trav corp has the traveler pay about $350 a month for housing. So I'm trying to find an agency that has better housing than that. Any ideas?


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I personally would nat even waste time with a company that was not paying full housing. I am not talking about shared either.

One of my friends was with AM living on Park Ave solo with no out of pocket. When I talked to them about a California contract in a much less glamorous locale they were planning to charge me part of the cost each month.

I sugned with another company that paid full housing, plus a better hourly, OT and holiday rate.

Just make sure you really do your homework and get a deal that you are very happy with, you can be sure that your recruiter will be making an equitable deal for himself and the company even if it is at your expense.


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Don't waste your time on any company that doesn't supply 100% housing. I don't take the housing but usually (mainland) take the housing subsidy. It has got to be GOOD to get me. San Fran Bay area about $2000 a month. We have a 40 foot motor home.


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When deciding my company, I went back and forth between two.

When it came down to it, one company paid 100% housing, but about $2/hour less. The other company, had a private housing cost, but with the increase pay, the bottom line ended up being the same.

Submit paperwork to a couple different companies and talk with BOTH recruiters. Mine were very frank with me, and in fact, when I pushed, was able to increase the base pay a little to entice me to go with her.

But if you're looking for 100%, I know that MedStaff offers 100% private. Most of the bigger companies (RN Network, CrossCountry, etc), do not until you've been with them a year.

The housing stipend is ALWAYS the better deal though, but truly it's great to not have to worry about WHERE you're going to live and such, until you get there.

In Hawaii, I'm sure there are short-term housing availability, and it might be worth it to search the internet yourself and see what's out there, then take the Stipend to pay for it.

Each company gets the same from the hospital, it's just a matter of HOW they dish it out to you!

Good luck!


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Thanks. This is very helpful. Any other suggestions or agencies?


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Housing is not cheap here in paradise!

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Thanks. This is very helpful. Any other suggestions or agencies?

Hi Steve :)

I did a traveling nurse assignment in Hawaii the fall of 1988, and was initially housed on the beach of Waikiki in a really nice highrise hotel. I didn't pay a penny. Then, I moved to Pearl City into a family neighborhood complex -- at my request because I traveled with my school aged daughter. When I moved to the apartment, the company paid the total amount of my rent, utilities, and local phone service. All I had to pay for was any long distant calls I made. It was great! :)

The company I went there with was called Healthstaffers. Does anyone know if they are still in business?

When I left Hawaii, I started traveling with Flying Nurses, Inc. out of Texas, and they treated me even better!

I'm working with several travel nurse companies right now, and have never before heard of them, so I hope they keep their word to me about everything they promise their travelers.

Has anyone heard of Aureus Medical, Emerald Health Services, ready-recruit........for starters?????? Those are a few I've looked into, but not sure which one I'll go with at this point.


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Hi, well thanks again for the info. Nova Pro is AWESOME! They will pay for everything! All the research payed off!


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I did an assignment in Hawaii and the only company who will pay for your housing is Intelistaff. You can tell AMN that you're willing to switch companies if they don't give you free housing, and usually they'll give in. Depending on what facility you work for, you're on hospital payroll anyway so everyone should get it housed free regardless. Hope that helps!

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Steve, do not travel with a company that doesn't pay 100 percent of your housing. These agencies will do anything they can to rip you off any way they can. You have to remember that you are the one with the skills, they are like parasites, living off your good nature and talents. Take them for as much as you can, and be assertive and aggressive and you will get what you want!

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