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Thank you! That is how I feel. I'm just waiting for my husband to find a job (contract ended 2 mos ago) and then I can explore my options. No sense in staying where I know that there are coworkers lying and manipulating the doctor. I appreciate your input! :)



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This is my second career, and I never saw this crazy bullying in the corporate environments in which I worked. When I can set my automatic reaction to the bullying aside and consider the people who are doing it, they are ALL insecure people who are trying to make themselves feel better by feeling bigger than someone else. It makes me roll my eyes and want to say "Just grow up!" There are days I just long for a more professional environment.

Ain't it the truth. I'm also a second career nurse and it's unbelievable what I see on our unit on a daily basis. Nurses who are SO rude, so unprofessional. Managers who haven't a clue how to motivate or manage their cats, much less human beings. And little power trippers who kiss the boss's butt and change personalities like chameleons.

I'm on one of those units also where the boss and 5+ useless managers have all been brought under scrutinty by HR due to our complaints. Many of us wrote letters anonymously, and the HR people pretended to come and do these focus groups -- but so far not a whole lot has changed and our boss is still as difficult as ever. One or two of the bosses who was before very kind to me is now very cold. I think they suspect me and a few others as being the instigators and I fear that over time, we're all going to be retaliated upon. It's like a war, being on this type of unit -- and it's psychologically very draining.

I'm in the process of trying to get out. I'm in a graduate program to get my masters and just get the hell away from the bedside. I'm a professional and I'm educated -- and i'm not about all of this backstabbing and cruelty that goes on in these units. It's like a nuthouse. I don't want to be a part of it any longer than I have to -- so I'm leaving.

So, hospitals -- you'll lose me, and others like me, and you're going to lose money in the process. Wouldn't it just be wiser to really investigate some of these folks you've put into management to see if they need replacing? Wouldn't it just be wiser to locate the bullies and the torturers who drive off good nurses and get rid of them? Just makes no sense to me to allow things to go on as they have.

At some point, when the S really HTF, hospitals and staffing is going to just self implode. I fear for our country, really, and I fear for nursing. It just never ends -- but it WILL end when they can't afford anymore to keep hiring and replacing nurses at the bedside.

I think some nurses need to grow up. Bullying by nurses is so High School. It should be over by now. Any person able to graduate college with a nursing degree of any level, or even with an LPN, should have left those immature behaviours

behind long ago.

I worked in a hostile environment for a long time. But I had to stay there to finish out my years for retirement. I'm out now and couldn't be happier. thank God I survived.