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so what does your hospital's ceo make?

A newspaper article in our Sunday paper revealed the fact that the ceo at our hospital makes almost $700,000 a year. The vice president of nursing makes over $300,00 a year.

And we have been told to do everything possible to save the hospital money. We have lost medicare payments due to the budget crunch.

Tonight we "saved the hospital money" by working with a smaller staff since we had discharged many patients from our floor. That worked fine until admitting started filling us up.

Anyone else have any ideas on saving money for the hospital? By the way, I know for a fact that at least one employee at our hosp is living in the homeless shelter.

.....So what is your ceo making?


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I actually have no idea...but I am sure that it is WAY TO DARN MUCH!!! Give themselves raises for what?? Take away from those actually doing the physical labor!!


That is sickening.....low man on totem pole losing and doing majority of the grunt work.

it is disgusting what they make!!! i remember that when i worked in the hospital being told that president/vp/other higher management postions were making 300,00+/yrly not counting perks. right now, i am working in a ltcf and believe that the adminstrator/don/assitant don are pulling in a high salery. i'll even state that, ok, maybe they deserve what they earn, but come on.......be fair with the emloyees pay. not only nursing but all depts. now, with many cuts, we have had several meetings regarding "how to cut costs without cutting care".....they say that we are one of the few who are not laying off, so that if we all work together to lower overhead our jobs will be safe. now, the big thing is making sure lights are off, faucets are closed all the way, don't use nursing notes for scrap paper etc...[/color/]

what ticks me off is that we were told that yrly merit raises were being cut(percentage-wise). also, cutting down on ot, using pool etc...i can understand those two. but, i don't think that it's fair that our supervisors and up are getting bonuses each month depending upon the amt of ot they used. the less they used, the higher their bonus???? i say, not fair!!!!!!". i feel that employees are being short-handed here and that management is not being affected at all. it's very frustrating. it's been like this for yrs, and i don't see any changes in sight.


My BIL used to be a hospital CEO...he must've been getting ripped off because he lived in a house that called out ... "I don't make any where near $700,000"

Wow if my BIL made $150,000 I'd be surprised...but could see that.

We never spoke about how much he made...but I'm looking at his housing...and how he spends money.

My BIL worked in a major city hospital.

Just because his house did not speak, "HEY I got money" does not mean that he does not make it. I know someone who is in education and makes almost 200k/yr and my house is better then his, he drives an older car, and has nothing at all to show for what he makes and yet our combined salary in my house is 65k and we have a bigger house then him, nicer cars, nicer things and you would think that we made more then him. He is just to TIGHT that he squeaks when he walks. I also know that the CEO of a major hospital in my surrounding city that the CEO just quit and was making near 1million dollars.

I work in LTC and know that my DON makes around 115,000$ and the administrator makes 145k (hers is a fact). Makes me mad but hey maybe one day I can do it too.


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I would BET your BIL made a lot more than 125K......

his type of house means nothing. like said above, sometimes the CHEAPEST CHEAPSKATES are in the top 10% earning-wise.

Our CEO where I used to work used to bum cigs from nurses/techs in ER, for heaven's sake, yet he made more than 300K a year (nurses were making 12-20 an hour then). He dressed like he came from a duffel bag and generally looked umkempt. But he made bucks, you best believe it. Just did not SHOW it.

He must be super tight a** with money.

Because my SIL loves to spend $$$$. She drives a used car now.

My dad likes to spend more then what he's got. LOL...but most people who have money you would never guess it. I know a few people with some big money in the bank and by talking to them or seeing what they drive you would not know it. I know one guy whos house is awful looking *it's big, but nasty and when you go out into his pasture and see the horse barn you would think a KING lived there..

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Many years ago the goverement was conducting a wage case investigation into nursing salaries. Judge came to interview various nurses in various postions He interviewed the DON. I don't remember the exact numbers but the conversation went something like this:-

Judge "Director of Nursing Hmm How much do you currently earn and how much do you think you should be earning.

DON "Well the General Manager is responsible for 200 employees and he gets $75,000 the Medical Superintendant is responsible for 90 employees and he gets $200,000. I am responsible for 350 employees and I receive only $50,000."


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500,000 dollars a year while we are short staffed and counting pads to hand out to OB/GYN patients. Disgusting...

I've been trying to find out CEO salaries and havn't had any luck. Maybe someone's got inside info on web sites/financial listings?

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