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Hospital: Putting patients at risk

by DraggingCaboose DraggingCaboose (Member)


I still can't believe this.

I'm an RN with a background in Med/Surg. I ran into a nurse I used to work with and this is what the 400+ bed hospital I used to work at is doing now:

the M/S unit has over 30 beds.

The RNs are doing primary care on ten to twelve patients apiece - regularly!

I asked her if they had a LPN to do PO meds - she said no; that the LPN takes her own group of patients!

So you're talking 3 nurses for over thirty patients. She said IF they had a nurse aide, it was only one, "to pass ice."

She said they have to do bed baths, PO meds, IV meds, everything!!!

This hospital is/was being investigated on another matter. I am thinking seriously of calling the state Ombudsman to report them. Is that who you are supposed to call to report something like this? I thought it was bad when I was there............but this?

It's insane!

I would report it. There is absolutely no way that 1 nurse can safely and thoroughly care for all of those patients. I can't believe that she can tolerate all that. I would be completely frustrated and would burn out quickly. Sounds like a disaster in the making and you know who will be to blame? The nurse, not the hospital. This is so sad.

I wouldn't want to be sick in that hospital! I wouldn't want to be a nurse in that hospital! Can you believe anyone lets that go on? You know the patients and Doctors must be complaining. Sign of a hospital about to fold!??

If the nurse did nothing but pass meds all day she probably wouldn't be able to get it all done. Things like baths, help with meals, etc must be going out the window. I'd hate to think what those poor people must smell like!

Hey Dragging, what state is this facility in (besides confused!). You can notify your local Joint Commission of Hospital Accreditation to do a walk thru, I can guarantee a stiff fine, also the Department of Health should be informed. From my experience, the patient that complains seems to get managements attention quickest. This is a very dangerous trend throughout the US and it seems that the only hospitals that are not violating patient care standards by eliminating ancillary support are supported by union.

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