Woo hoo!

  1. I had my interview last Wednesday with Hospice and they called me today and offered me the job! It's per diem, and I don't know exactly how many hours I will be offered, but I am SO excited. I've always wanted to do hospice and this is my chance to know if it is really for me, plus earn a little extra money. Yippee!!!!
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  3. by   renerian
    Great news.............I am happy for you!

  4. by   BadBird
    I always love to here good news, congrats on the job.
  5. by   aimeee
    Welcome to hospice care. I hope you find it a good fit. There is no work that is more rewarding.
  6. by   RN always
    I have thought about doing Hospice work also. keep us informed and good luck....................congratulations!
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Well good for you! Congrats!!
  8. by   cargal
    Just there myself, per diem also. So far, love it. And the nurses are great. Nice to have someone on the same page as you for a change. Good luck. Wooo Hoooo for us!
  9. by   graysonret
    Worked 3 1/2 years in Hospice (when lpns could be case managers) and enjoyed it very much. Visiting them at home and working with the patient and families made it very rewarding. Sometimes, you had to run out in the middle of the night, but it was ok, if you solved the problem. The freedom was nice too...being able to work with the families/patient without the interruptions that you got being in a hospital/nursing home. I wish you lots of luck. I'm sure you'll love it.