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  1. Hello!

    I recently accepted an on call RN hospice position. I am coming from MICU and am accustomed to working in the unit or ER. I have been wanting to go to hospice and I am very excited for the change.

    The company I acccepted the job with prefers that I wear business casual. I feel that if I do any patient care I would not be comfortable wearing that. The hiring manager says as I'm working at night some RNs choose to wear scrub pants and polos which sounds better to me.

    Hospice RNs. What do you wear?

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  3. by   rnprincesstlo
    I used to dress in business casual with a lab coat.
  4. by   pmabraham
    Scrubs here
  5. by   verene
    As a hospice CNA I wore scrubs but tried to make them look less "scrub like". Typically black, tan, navy, or grey bottoms that could pass as slacks and a more "blouse-like" scrub top. Most of the nurses did something similar with their bottoms and had a set of blouses/sweaters they wore only at work. (The combo of t-shirt or blouse with a cardigan or vest with large pockets over the top was pretty common).

    In psych now as an RN and I have to dress business casual, which in my company means casual but no jeans. I typically wear slacks or khakis (since I don't need as a large of pockets) with a longer length shirt (so I can squat and bend with out fear), and bring a cardigan or vest in-case I get cold and/or need pockets. I keep a small set of "work clothing" so I'm not wearing my day to day stuff to work.
  6. by   cardiacfreak
    In my area I have seen other on call nurses wearing jeans tshirt and a scrub jacket. I prefer to wear scrubs, I need pockets, lots of pockets!
  7. by   Sarl86
    Wow jeans? That's crazy to me. I just want to wear scrubs. That's my jam.
  8. by   Sarl86
    That's what I went with. Neutral scrub pants. Greys blacks navy's and neutral polo shirts. If it were up to me I'd prob wear whites. I love nurse whites but I'm just happy I can wear some type of scrubs. I'm not into the business casual scene.
  9. by   nuangel1
    We have option of business casual with a lab coat or scrubs of set color green
  10. by   caliotter3
    When the on call RN came out to the home when I was on duty, she always wore scrubs. This was at night.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Jeans, black t-shirt, lab coat. Tennies.