Patient doesn't tell she is getting cataract surgery

  1. Isn't this part of the rights and responsibilities portion of hospice? It is on our literature that it is the patients responsibility to let the hospice nurse know of any pending procedures, etc...

    question is, WHO is going to PAY for her cataract surgery? She is medicare...

    She is going to bust a GUT if SHE gets a bill out of pocket for her surgery, as she has been on hospice since 12/06

    any input is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Mulan
    I have no idea, but why wouldn't medicare pay for it?
  4. by   river1951
    This is totally unrelated to her hospice diagnosis, so I'm pretty sure hospice would not be billed for it. Medicare sshould still cover it, just as it would any other unrelated diagnosis.
  5. by   CANRN
    Medicare will cover this as it is unrelated to her hospice DX. Yes, she should have told hospice but more as an FYI than anything. This is incase she has complications and to know what, if any, medications she may be told to take related to the surgery.
  6. by   saribeth
    I agree...medicare should cover the cost but make sure they know she is a hospice pt and that she has a DNR
  7. by   doodlemom
    Is she a DNR? I didn't see that on the thread.
  8. by   AtlantaRN
    thank you for the responses. I haven't been in hospice that long, and I can remember years ago that if medicare paid for one ongoing service, it wouldn't pay for another.

    i'm glad things have changed.

  9. by   TrudyRN
    Just wondering - not to be morbid or rude, but why does a terminal patient need a cataract removed? Yes, quality of life might improve and, personally, I hope her life quality is A+. But if she is terminal...:uhoh21:?

    As for why she didn't tell you - who knows? Maybe she forgot or maybe she was so nervous about being admitted to Hospice that she just didn't think of it, didn't understand. Who knows? Maybe it was intentional. No way to know.

    Also - how long can she be on Hospice without having to pass on?

    Sorry if I sound crude. It's kind of a hard subject, all this dying, limiting care to the terminal people, always having to worry about money.
  10. by   leslie :-D
    cataract surgery could have been scheduled before enrolling in hospice.
    pt could be in denial, or still hopeful.
    also a chance pt won't go through w/surgery.
    this is a situation where only pt could answer on why bother?

    hospice is typically 6 month prognosis, but renewal extends this benefit.