New hospice house, WHAT A RIDE!!!!

  1. I know that I posted last summer about getting my new job at a brand new facility. I love the work and BOY, OH, BOY! What a ride. I have seen so many things already. I have watched people die after reaching for the ceiling, looking out the windows with a big smile, one guy actually waited to have his last beer with his daughter...

    I have also seen the worst in families. We had a brother punch his brother so hard in the chest he flew across the room and hit a wall. (Got escorted out for that one...) I have seen daughters fighting with their mother for not "doing everything for dad, and giving up too soon." (End stage 4 lung ca, post cva) ALSO, :angryfire , just recently had a patient's sister call her brother's ex-wife to come in to spend the night with him in the room. (Did I mention his CURRANT WIFE of 16 years was sitting right there when she did it?) THEN she just couldn't figure out why I told her she had to leave and if she didn't I would have the police escort her out She said, "WHY, I didn't do anything wrong, he is my brother, you can't do that to me"

    Also, I have seen some very disturbing things from hospital patients. Had one gentleman come to us from a world renown hospital. I cried all the way home about him. His care was beyond neglect...Bed sores everywhere, dry crusted scabs in his scalp, bed sores on both hips and coccyx, lesions on his penis, break down where there was a profo boot. Asked the nurse when she called report if he was in pain, she said, oh, he doesn't seem to be, I have given him some Tylenol...When he got to me his toes were black from gangrene. I asked if he was in pain and as SCREAMED "YES, I HURT EVERYWHERE" Doesn't SEEM in pain, hmmmm, lets try ASKING coherent patients if they ARE in pain, for crying out loud. Asked the doc for a foley order, just to protect his skin from the burning of the urine, as they said he is incontinent. NO LIE, I put it in and came back in 15 minutes to check on him, and had 1600cc out Clamped it right away, then unclamped again in 3 hours to get 400cc more. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, needless to say, this was passed on to the directer, social worker, doctor AND I called the family out that night to show them, I sincerely hope they take legal action.

    I love this job, I really do. I have never felt so rewarded as a nurse and SO feel like I make a difference EVERY DAY I do to work. Can't wait to see what the next 6 monthes hold.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i'm glad for you shay.
    i worked inpt for yrs and agree, you see so much in an inpt setting.
    the higher acuity levels are a given-but dang, family dynamics are forthcoming and non-ending.
    one can see why so many don't pass peacefully.
    it's not just the patho, that i am sure.

    in the meantime, enjoy your ride and hold onto your hat.
    it never settles down.

  4. by   weetziebat
    I remember reading your posts about the new job and have wondered how it was going. So glad to hear you like it.

    I don't work inpatient hospice, but I do agree that hospice is the most rewarding field of nursing I have ever worked in. The satisfaction of really making a difference is what nursing should be and so often isn't.

    Sounds like you're doing a great job.
  5. by   RN BSN 2009
    That's really sad.. but you are the pt advocate! Hope they got some legal action for that one..
  6. by   clemmm78
    I began at the palliative residence here when it first opened. It is neat being with a place from day 1, isn't it?

    I can so identify with what you wrote. We see the strangest and most wonderful things here.