Interview questions for Hospice.

  1. I have an interview coming up next week for Hospice. Are there any main or trick questions that Hospice recruiters ask? Getting nervous. I live in a rural area so I dont know what to expect. Thanks
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  3. by   ErinS
    I don't ask trick questions in interviews, but we do ask questions trying to determine if people are comfortable with autonomy, prioritization, and working with difficult patients/situations/coworkers. I would just be as natural as possible and focus and do some research on hospice.
  4. by   lumbarpain
    thank you for your input regarding my impending interview. I have had intense experience in all what you mentioned throughout my 17 years of LTC nursing. However, my anxiety is is that I feel Like I am going into a much deeper more depressing area of Nursing at my age and I wont like it. But, I do want the autonomy, the one on one, the personalization, and the being able to focus and have the feeling of accomplishment in this field under my belt. I hope I am right. Thank you again.
  5. by   tewdles
    I do not find hospice depressing. In fact, I find it to be one of the most rewarding jobs I have had as an RN.
  6. by   Bubbles
    Agree that hospice nursing is rewarding, not depressing. At least not anymore depressing than other areas of nursing such as ICU/CCU, oncology, rehab, etc. With all your experience I am sure you have seen tragic situations as we all have which probably make us more serious than if we had gone into some lighter profession! Just remember why you went into nursing which was to help people. With hospice you have a greater impact on families as well.
  7. by   ellen 12
    Working in hospice - your role is to promote comfort and feelings of well being towards achieving a comfortable death. The work is positive and rewarding. Working in longterm care should have given you insights in regard to this.
    But everyone is different - and maybe care of the dying - for you personally could be a negative experience, not everyone is suited to work in hospice.
  8. by   tewdles
    However, you may find that hospice is not for you now, but perhaps later...heck yeah! I know, personally, that I was at just the right place personally AND professionally when I went into hospice. The result was an instant love affair and passion for my professional nursing role, again.

    So, your options are no, yes, not now. There is no either are cut out for this work or not.

    Best wishes