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It's 0653. I pull up to the hospice unit, clock in, fill my coffee mug, and get my nursing brain printed out. At 0700, I count narcotics and take report on six patients. It's going to be a busy day,... Read More

  1. by   kkjacobsrn
    As a hospice nurse in a inpatient unit I could relate to this article. Very articulate and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  2. by   anon456
    Wow I didn't expect this article to get so many views/shares! I hope that my article shows the beautiful and sacred side of dying, and the work that hospice nurses do. Thank you for the feedback. :-) It means a lot to me.
  3. by   angelnurseinstructor
    Thank you. I am a former hospice nurse (now a nursing instructor) and working in hospice was one of the best experiences of my life. It's not usually depressing. Rather, it's a chance to practice what I think is the essence of nursing - helping people through suffering.
  4. by   nursemanna
    Me too, friend. Me too. I always tell people that say, "I don't know how you do it," that I didn't choose Hospice--it chose me.
  5. by   futurenursepogi
    Great article. As a student who was in a oncology ICU for 5 weeks this has been something I have been feeling with all the tasks along with end of life
  6. by   FranEMTnurse
    This article has my third vote
  7. by   BeenThere2012
    Beautiful .....ABSOLUTELY, beautiful!
  8. by   Deb_Aston
    I loved this article. It rang very true for me, especially after my father passed away in August while in hospice care. Fortunately we were able to care for him at home, but the support and care that we received from the hospice nurse was amazing. She helped us to keep my father comfortable until the very end. Thank you for your words and for your kindness and compassion. You are a very special person.
  9. by   jesilyn1220
    I so enjoyed reading this, thank you! I'm a hospice nurse in the field and see patients at their homes or nursing homes. it's a very difficult but extremely rewarding career we have 😊
  10. by   aimee32907
    Thank you for such a wonderful article, and so true. I was a CNA with a hospice organization for 14 years before becoming an LPN. I miss it, and I plan to go back to hospice care. Reading your article made my decision even easier. Thank you and God Bless.