Foley Catheter

  1. Is there any EBP for F/C for Hospice patients. How often should be replaced, irrigated. Could you share any policies.
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  3. by   vampiregirl
    Where I work we use the current CDC recommendations.

    We don't routinely replace and only irrigate if needed.
  4. by   Karbear512
    I work in a Urology Clinic and our patients that have a chronic in dwelling catheter come in every 4-6 weeks to have it changed. Beyond that, things get very nasty and they almost always test positive for UTI.
  5. by   BettyGirard
    Can't say about Hospices, but in our case we never irrigate and we typically only have catheters in for two weeks. The longer ones we switch roughly every four weeks.
  6. by   CrochetNurse154
    Depends on the doc, I have one who likes changes q30 days and PRN, irrigation only PRN for occlusion or excess sediment. I also have another who prefers we follow the CDC guidelines and just change PRN, and irrigate PRN.