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Weird, bizarre, peaceful or totally memorable occasions that you observed death, any stories? I don't mean to be morbid or anything but I am looking for ways to improve our service in the ICU and... Read More

  1. by   VACallCenterRN
    Wow!!!! Reading this thread I can think of so many times that I've experienced a family member experiencing the end of life journey.....

    Well I have a couple of stories that I may tell you myself!

    At the age of 7 or 8..... I would see black veils over people's faces.... I immediately knew what this meant (even tho I was very very young). Each time I would see them I would rub my eyes, move side to side to see if something was in the way of my vision... It didn't go anywhere... It stayed over the persons face moving as they moved.... Each time I saw this the person would die a few weeks later!!!! Omgeeee looking back at those years hen I was younger I NEVER got scared of what I saw even tho I knew what I meant.... Now I am 29 years old and it hasn't happened since then... Hope I never see this because at this age it would scare the heck out of me....

    Then at the age of 17 I was pregnant with my son, I was 5 months..... I had been hiding the pregnancy from my parents and no one knew I was pregnant.... I had came down with a bladder infection and began drinking water BUT didn't go to the doctor..... Well this went on for weeks and weeks. I continued to go to school and everyone was telling me I looked like a ghost.... Well finally one of my teachers called home for someone to pick me up from school. My grandmother came and got me and doctored on me with soups... I stayed at her house until my parents got home.... A week later (still sick) as I lay in my bed sleep I hear a voice calling my name... "Anji Anji wake up.... You need to go to the hospital if you don't you are going to die" we'll when I heard this voice I KNEW it was a voice from God.... I immediately went and woke my mother up and told her I needed to go to the hospital I was sick... She told me I'll take you in the morning go back to bed.... I said "NO I need to go now! Please take me now" so she gets up and takes me to the hospital.... At this point I had a fever was having cold sweats and hadn't went to use the bathroom in about a week and a half... I get to the ER and tell them my symptoms and the immediately send me to triage.... They do all kind of blood work and wanted to X-ray me but they kept asking me are you pregnant is there anyway you could be pregnant. I lied and said no... They asked if I had ever been sexually active and said yes... They immediately did and ultrasound... Which of course said I was pregnant with a 14 oz baby boy... Okay now that that was over (my parents found out) the doctor is telling them I have a REALLY REALLY BAD kidney infection that has started poisoning my blood.... I knew at this moment I wasn't going to make it... I was wheeled into an ICU room and the doctors called my parents outside.... At that moment I took the time to pray... I asked GOD am I going to die... Lord please give me a sign of whether or not I'm going to make it... That night I went to a place I'd NEVER SEEN a place so beautiful with beautiful flowers everywhere and a BIG CHURCH upon being there I was met by a face... A familiar face... It was a guy whom I'd known that was robbed and killed by his own cousin... He told me that I was going to be alright that I was going to make it.... Upon waking up my entire body was covered in sweat I was wet from head to toe... I was move to ICU stepdown later that day.... I had faith that God answered my prayer and gave me a sign... I was out of the hospital in 3 days... God blessed me and my son with life!!! I told my parents my story when I got home... My mother called the guys aunt home had passed away months ago and told her the story... She called her sister and told her... Come to find out his mother who was a pastor had been grieving bc she didn't know whether her son was in heaven or hell.... Well GOD ANSWERED BOTH OUR PRAYERS IN ONE!!!

    This isn't the end!!!!! I asked my father what did the doctor tell you.... He said the doctor told him I wasn't going to make it that I'd die within the next 24 hours. My kidneys had shut down and other systems were starting to as well...

    I am soo thankful that I gave my life to Christ at such an early age (7). I've always believed and think that he can and will answer prayers. My God is an AWESOME GOD!
  2. by   aksdx
    I am no ways a nurse or even in the medical field. The nearest thing to such would have to be Personal care assistant I worked as during my time in college. This thread and the stories I have read seems so like the week and days leading up to my fathers death. My father recently passed on October 6th 2012 and everything here goes so well into his story as well if there was something else in play.

    Here is my story:

    A couple of days before my fathers passing, he would tell my mother to tell the people at the window to go away. Of course my mother would look and said that there was no one there, but she kinda knew in away. My father also said that since he was so poor he wanted a nice suit to wear before going away. On the last night with my mother still up while my dad was still sleeping, my dad had a night terror, he kicked, screamed and yelled at something. My mother grabbed him calmed him down and told him everything was going to be okay. He stopped, and fell back asleep. The following morning my father did not wake up as usual and my mother knew something was wrong. She called everybody to be at his bedside and we all came. My mother dispatched my sister in law and niece to go buy a suit for him. As we spent the morning with him his breaths grew shorter and harder. It's as if he was already gone but was just waiting for something to finally go. My sister in law finally arrived with the suit and we dressed him in it. I was trying to tie the tie while they threw on his suit but I failed miserably at tieing it. So my mother grabbed it, tied it and put it around his neck. She drew the tie up and right at that perfect moment when his suit was all finally together he drew his last breath and went away. It's the thing to have happen in my life.
  3. by   Marties
    I have been a hospice nurse for 10+ yrs, starting out as a continuous care nurse then moving on to a case manager, when i did continuous care mostly it was at night 12am to 8 am. The one I remember the most was a younger man in his late 40's with Liver CA. I spent almost every night with him and his family for 6 weeks. He had 3 kids in high school, all lived at home, His wife was amazing caring for him day in and day out, he was actually on service with us for 3 YEARS. He had been declining steadily for the last couple of weeks but there was no indication that his death was imminent. The morning he passed away i was getting ready to leave and my car wouldn't start. He and I had done our usual routine that morning. So as I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive I went back into the house was having a cup of coffee with his wife and she checked on him, his condition changed suddenly and he passed away while I was there. His wife and I said that was just like him to do it while i was there to help his wife and the kids were gone to school.
    That wasn't the strange part.... I went to his calling hours, his wife introduced me to an old friend of theirs, and was telling him about my car not starting etc. He asked me what was wrong with the car.... It was the wiring and the distributer cap needed to be replaced. He just stared at me like I had 2 heads, then he said when they were younger (the pt) would unhook the distributer cap of people they were partying with so they wouldn't drive drunk. was it just a wierd coincidence or did the pt want to make sure I was there at the time he left his family?
  4. by   Ginapixi
    stories like yours "by Marties" just make me wonder! thanks for sharing!
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