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See if Mission of Mercy is having a dental clinic near you. You have to go very early and wait in long lines, but you can get extensive dental work done for free. I volunteered at the one near me this year.

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I'll second (or third or fifth or whereever we are now) the dental school idea. Some of them accept payment on a sliding scale. Fix what absolutely has to be fixed now -- hopefully when you graduate and get a nursing job, you'll have dental insurance and can work on whatever else needs to be fixed.


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Google search free dental clinics in your area. I don't know where you live, but there are several close to me in the Tampa area. I refer people to them all the time. Also, Mission of Mercy is worth a shot to look into. I know they did a free dental care event at the Tampa Fairgrounds last year. They saw something like 700 patients, I believe.

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