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I am currently an inpatient oncology nurse and I will be interviewing for a home hospice position next week. Can anyone give me some ideas of questions to ask that pertain exclusively to home health/hospice?



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I can't think of any. Mine was a straight forward interview...

I suppose a question regarding curative vs palliative is expected.

I was asked "why do you want to do home hospice." My response was

"everyone deserves a good death." I was hired at that moment.

Good luck to you!



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How much training happens before you are sent out on your own... and once you're on your own - is there help READILY available by phone?

Oncology to hospice isn't a big leap because you probably had comfort care patients on your floor at one time or another. Support, teamwork, and training are key to being happy and successful with hospice.

You'll be great, I'm sure!


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I attended a hospice inservice given during an open house. One of the topics addressed by the presenter was the process of going on and off service concerning medicare payment and the wishes of the pt/pt family. He stated that they were very flexible with the pts and the pts family, concerning the DNR orders. The pt always has the right to change his mind and request to be transported to the hosp via ambulance against his advanced directive. He does his hosp stay, then comes home again, where he goes back on hospice. The presenter stated that this is ok with that agency. You can ask what is the hospice agency's policy if the pt requests to go to the hosp or changes his mind about any of the provisions of his care. Are they flexible about following the pt's wishes? What kind of administrative requirements would such "ambivalence" bring on your part, while you are in the home? Hope I haven't been too confusing in trying to explain this. The person who made the presentation made it all so clear!

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I just recently made the move to hospice. These are things that are coming up for me as I move through my orientation.

Support in the field. Who can you call?

Cheat sheets and ready reference guides, especially with regard to medicare rules. Are they available?

Orientation. How long? Just because you're not a new nurse doesn't mean a full orientation (6 weeks) isn't warranted. Nursing is nursing and it's pretty low tech, but there's so much more to this.

Call. Is there an "on call" staff or will you be required to take call and, if so, how often.

How experienced is your team? It would be nice to have an experienced HHA and LPN to work with. If everyone's new with hospice, it can be stressful but with the right support can be done.

What size is your territory? For example, mine is a 50 mile radius north, east and west. It permits me about 4 patient visits within an 8 hour day.

IMPORTANT: What size is your case load? I'd say any more than 15 is too many.

Hope this helps. Good luck. BTW, I'm loving it.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. I had my interviews today and I felt they went well. They have another person to interview on thursday then they will make a decision. So we will see....

Thanks again,


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I have an interview next week for a position as a supervisor in a hospice....reading these posts really helps with knowing what to ask. I jumped from LTC to home health nursing without really thinking about it. I wish I had asked more questions and had given myself more time before taking a new job. I am not happy where I am and hope that the hospice position is better suited to me.

hahaha...not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up.

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