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So one of the ads I replied to on craigslist for home health care is an actual person not an agency. Hge is looking for someone to monitor showers (ie call 911 if he falls), do difficult house work that requires any heavy lifting, give back massages and buy larger groceries. The pay is 15/hr which seems too good to be true. He needs a person only 2-4 hours a week. They want me to come by their house to interview this evening. Is this normal or should I be leery?

Sounds kind of creepy to me personally but it may be legit. A lot of people do not have health insurance anymore and some policies wont cover home health. I would see if you could interview in a public place or have a third party there if you decide to interview but I personally would pass.

I would assume a quadriplegic would have insurance that would cover massages right? Here is the ad:

Massage & Health Aid

Well that sounds less creepy than what your original post suggested.

I would say interview but be cautious still

Okay, I thought I made it sound less creepy, lol. I think I will try to meet him sometime during the day when my kids are in daycare first. He said that it would be okay to bring my kids with me for an interview tonight...

No I would recommend not bringing your kid to the interview.

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You need to be cautious when doing Private Duty care. I've only done private duty for a friend's family member and I would never do it for a stranger. The pt. and CNA benefit b/c the CNA get paid more than she would for an agency and the pt. pays less than he would pay to an agency. Just be careful.

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