Tax deductions

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    i am sure this question comes up ever year. I am a home health nurse and the agency I work for does not reimburse mileage. Can I deduct for the times I used my personal vehicle to transport pt to and from doctor appointments. Also can I deduct for supplies I provided such as Clorox wipes, paper towels, uniforms, pens, note pads, etc
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  3. by   Avill
    DEFINITELY keep tab of those miles. Also keep track on the miles driven to a patients ho use as those count as well.
    My company supplies papter/pens and such, so I would say keep tab on your supplies as well just in case.
  4. by   KelRN215
    1) Yes those miles are deductible
    2) What kind of home health situation are you working in where you drive a patient in your own personal vehicle? No way would I ever do that, that's a huge liability and every employer I've ever worked for in the home health realm specifically forbade that.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I stopped bothering with itemizing deductions when the tax laws changed to make itemizing obsolete unless certain sections exceeded adjusted gross income by a certain percentage. For example, my medical expenses never reached the threshold. Have not looked at the rules lately, but I would still keep track of all of this just for general principle. If rules change at some time, one can use the info to file amended returns to claim allowable deductions.
  6. by   Elfriede

    Other aspects :
    - Does your insurance covers the commercial use of the car ?
    - What´s about hygiene ?
    You drive your pts with ... . Next or same day, you drive your kids!