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  1. Well, the time has come to possibly do the nursing I have wanted to do! I know the pitfalls of paperwork etc., have had friends who have worked in HH and told me about it, and I just have to finally do it. I am the kind of person who loves one to one care and teaching, and I am excited about my interview. I have done home health nursing as an aide but not an RN.
    Can anyone share tips for the interview? (I actually think my new supervisor and interviewer might be a girl from my high school graduating class, 20 years ago!) But I am not sure.
    I really want this position and want to make a good first impression!
    Thanks and nice to meet you all! (I am new to the bulletin board).

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  3. by   renerian
    Sure I did home health 11 years. Ask about service area and on call. Ask if they pay hourly, salary or per visit. Ask about productivity standards. Ask about benies of course. LOL. Ask if you are compensated for office and travel time. I spent half my time in my car-about 15 hour minimum per week for a seven county service area for which I was not compensated for which made my hourly wage between 6 to 10 per hour. No lie. that is why I left. Loved the job but the pay stunk.

  4. by   SeptSue
    For 9 years I did home nursing as an RN, should never have left. I was willing to go anywhere in our city, learned a lot (some were willing to work only in certain areas of the city, which is fine), so consider your flexibility. Ask about your orientation, will you have a preceptor?
  5. by   pmbrn22
    Thanks Sue and renerian for the info. I wllkeep those questions in mind and let you know how I make out with the interview! I appreciate your insight.
  6. by   SeptSue
    Good luck with the interview. Just one more thing - the organization kept making changes. At first I worried about the changes, then realized that sometimes things were better after the changes. Let us know what happens.
  7. by   pmbrn22
    Thanks Sue,
    I am told this is a non-profit agency, so the pay is probably not as good as for- profit places. I don't know what the averga is for home health nurses, do you? It is paid per hour and milage and has excellent benefits. (2 wks vacation after 6 months, etc.) I will know more on Tuesday!
    Please pray that they pick me!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   renerian
    I was paid per visit 30. For an admission 50. 36cents per mile for mileage only between clients. Nothing for drive time or office time which is what killed me. I only got one week vaca after one year.

    Let us know how it goes Tuesday!

  9. by   pmbrn22
    Well today is the day! I will post when I get home and tell ya'll how it went!
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Good Luck today...and follow your heart.
  11. by   renerian
    pmbrn how did it go?

  12. by   SeptSue
    Just heard the good news - hope it works well for you. And happy holidays to you as well.
  13. by   renerian
    I Pmd you! good luck in your decision.

  14. by   pmbrn22
    Thank you to all of you. I will let you know if they choose me!
    My Christmas wish!