Is home health really better than working in a hospital??

  1. Hi,
    I am currently a staff RN on a med surg floor and I was offered a job with a home health company. I am VERY excited but I wanted to know in your opinion is home health better than working in a hospital? How and why? Any response is greatly appreciated.:wink2:
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  3. by   nurseby07
    YES! Read the postings on a typical day for an HH nurse to see why!
  4. by   annaedRN
    Agree with nurseby07. Too much autonomy, flexibility to ever go back to a facility. You don't get the adrenaline rush of ER or even ICU/CCU, but you get to use the same skills as on a med-surg unit of a hospital. You get the chance to be one-on-one and really get to know your patient and really have time to do the needed teaching. You aren't being pulled 6 different directions at once. Alot of paperwork but much less stress. Look around this HH forum and you will see the pros and cons of HH.
  5. by   lossforimagination
    My experience is that it's better than the hospital in terms of less stress, more autonomy, not cooped up for 12+ hours...But, you will be on call (maybe often, I've been on call as much as every other week), after duty hours and on weekends and holidays. I've even had to do regular visits on holidays if staffing was short. In addition, it's paperwork hell...... (Six one way, a half dozen the other).
  6. by   RN1263
    Well, I left my job in HH for better pay on a subacute unit....let's just say it was a BIG mistake.....for all of the reasons everyone else has already stated!!!!!
  7. by   finn11707
    LadyAries, It takes some getting used to, for sure, since you are out there on your own a lot...but the pleasure!--- actually being outside 4 walls every day, having some autonomy, knowing the patient and family (outside the gown personality..) , writing a careplan that can really make a difference, then teaching it the whole way through, and much more... big rewards in my life as a nurse. I have not met many nurses who look back when they find Home Health Nursing. True, good med surg, ICU/ED background helps getting started. Hooray for you!!!
  8. by   RN1263
    AAAHHHH, I quit my "big mistake" job.....and went back to my home health job. They already hired someone, but took me back anyway.
  9. by   buterfly
    I would not use the word better. The big word is ''flexibility'' especially if you are not working in a CHHA. Long-term has more flexibility. I have been in home care for 16 yrs. Love it for the flexibility but not for the paper work.
  10. by   QueenAngie
    Working on the same nursing unit for almost 10 years.....having no windows, to the outside world.
    Why did I ever work there for almost 25 years?

    Now, I have watched the corn and beans grow in the fields. They are being harvested right now. Apples on the trees turning red and ripen. Beautiful leaves on the trees are turning many colors. The fun of seeing the newborn calves and colts in the fields. I have even learned a bit about cows from one of my former, farmer patients.

    Enjoying all the autumn decorations outdoors and in people's yards. Some people really go all out.

    The weather has been good for my soul. Have not yet had my first ice or snow storm yet.

    The home health patients are a joy.....even the tough ones when there is a break-through in education or achievement.

    Any job has its good and lesser points. You'll have to decide for yourself.
    I am much happier with HH!

    (I do miss my several weeks of vacation and my higher wages though.)
  11. by   AnnZan
    QueenAngie, Do you feel like you must push yourself to get your visits completed? I understand the paperwork is another story entirely. I'm starting in a large CHHA in 2 weeks and am very excited about it. Do you need to do paperwork at home often? We are all computerized. Thanks alot, in advance!!
  12. by   pbajil
    Thanks for the thread! I am interested in home care and was thinking the same thing. Getting out of a hospital would be great. One on one care. It is true that I would not want to go back either once I get out.
  13. by   caliotter3
    YES! As usually stated, "Best kept secret in nursing!"
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Yes! I do hospice . . . . . . no OASIS paperwork though.

    I would never go back to the hospital.