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I am a CNA in FL and would like you nurses opinion on this matter, if you will. I have been with this Home Health Agency since December, and have had this particular patient for 5 months now. She... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Now don't panic. Just start going back in time and write down what you can remember. And be scrupulous about notes to yourself from here on out. This is a good learning experience for you. And don't take any poop from those people tomorrow. You are doing the right thing by removing yourself from the case. Maybe, because you talked to that other lady, something will finally get done for the poor client. You probably did good without even knowing it! At least we can hope so, for the client's sake!
  2. by   Atheos
    Quote from morango576
    Atheos has scared me now. Oh gosh. I feel like a fool for not writing my own stuff down.
    Didn't mean to scare you.

    Just something I learned in my 6th week of being a CNA...

    The facility/organization/employer WILL try to sell you out. The only thing that saved me is that about 12 different CNAs on different shifts told the same story and named the same nurses.

    The best advice a state inspector told me was document EVERYTHING.

    You are your only protection.

    I'd still call APS if I were you. You WON'T get in trouble and they most likely WILL go out and investigate both the family AND the HH agency. You will find that APS people are generally very nice. I've seen them go after abusers like wild dogs seeing meat but I've never seen them go after someone that reported something. Even later.

    Plus, in your state you may be mandated by law to report it and if you don't you could possibly get in trouble.

    In my state not reporting can result in jail and/or fines + loss of license.

    Better to report and them not investigate than the alternative.
  3. by   muffin7
    So from this point on...... document not only what you said, but also the response, and who you spoke to, etc.

    Relax and try to think... look at a calendar to help you document.

    I am not saying that anything, but you never know what will come of this mess ...but you will have your own records if needed. Be sure to write down the date, time and who you spoke to (from your office) and of course the conversation...

    Hang in there!
  4. by   morango576
    I definitely will.
    I am more exhausted of this whole thing than anything else. I know tomorrow I will have to speak with either this lady "supervisor over everyone", or my office manager. Either tomorrow or Friday. All I wanted is for her to stop pushing me and now she's probably going to chew me out for not going tomorrow, blahblahblah...
    Many things are going through my mind right now...
    I'm so tired.
  5. by   caliotter3
    And the admonition to you about noting in your daily note that you informed the RN supervisor about a change of condition-----hogwash. You were correct in what you did. Never do otherwise. That is your job to write that down in that space. If they want more detail, like things you would say differently from the patient chart copy; you write that down in what is called a "communication note" or an "incident report". If you were not calling your supervisor and documenting changes in condition on your daily note, you would be hanging yourself out to dry. Unfortunately, you might find it easier to sleep at night with an employer who takes documentation and patient/employee safety more seriously. Good luck.
  6. by   morango576
    will have to go to bed and try calming down...
    I'm just thinking how well my patient and I got along and how much I helped her, I'm sure I did. She always appreciated me.
    Maybe if I keep thinking of this positive aspect of the situation, I can cope better.
    Thanks to you all, you've been great!!! will let you guys know what happens tomorrow
  7. by   muffin7
    Hi Morango,
    I hadn't seen Atheos reply until right now.

    Don't be nervous. You have been reporting what has happened about your patient to your supervisor, etc. As a precautionary, you will be reporting to an agency (whatever it is to protect your patient) tomorrow. You have nothing to be worried about. You will be reporting bruises to them and you will think back to anything else that you can at this time. Your patient is ok at the moment and you want her to stay that way.
  8. by   nursel56
    One Monday she had "a dark ugly mark around her mouth". No, that is not normal, even if she was prone to falling. That's some scary stuff right there. Poor lady.

    You have our support, ((((((Morango))))))
  9. by   BEDPAN76
    Hi Morango, have been thinking about you all day .....Please let us know what happened! :urgycld:
  10. by   morango576
    Hi guys!!!!!
    Wow that feels good that you guys were thinking about me... :icon_roll
    Well, I just got off the phone with Florida Elder Abuse Hotline... I hope this is who I had to reach!
    Anyway, the lady who took my message spoke so fast, I had to ask her to repeat the questions twice or more.
    She asked for the name of my agency and address and phone number, my name and address and phone number, patient's name and address and phone number, and the whole situation going on. I told her i refused to go to that patient for safety reasons beginning this morning. I told her I had filed written reports with the agency, but apparently nobody took an interest to go see her or investigate. I told them that my RN supervisor told me that it was common for Alzheimer's patients to hurt themselves, but I thought that was weird. I told her about my pt's behavior of locking herself off, of wandering off (back in Dec. when I wasn't working there yet), of the police calling DCF on my pt's daughter, of my pt's son shoving my pt. against the table during her breakfast, of him snatching her towel away from her when she was using it as a bib, of all the screaming and belittling going on in front of me, especially at the time of administering medication (by her daughter). Well, I think I told her mostly everything. I hope I didn't leave anything out (like I said she talked too fast for me).
    I wonder what's going to happen now. Will they be contacting me? Will my agency be contacting me regarding that?
    I thought that my office supervisor would be calling me this morning like she said she would, but when I got home this afternoon after my other pt, there was no phone call from anyone. I don't know if she's waiting for me to go there on Friday and she will chew me out or something like that (for what, really??). Or fire me?
    Well I feel better for telling the abuse hotline about that. I thought about my patient all day today. Wondering if her daughter took the rage on her, for me quitting the case.
    Anyway, thanks guys, from the bottom of my heart... you have been a great support to me!:heartbeat
  11. by   caliotter3
    Well the worst is over now. You should feel good that you got that off your chest with the right people. Now, take the time that you would have spent at that house, and spend it looking for a new case with another agency. Good luck.
  12. by   morango576
    actually I already had an interview... but it's for a interpretation company where I will be working from home. I will be working part time for this company and if the agency doesn't fire me, I will still keep my other patient, which will be part time as well. If I get fired (or I decide to quit... I'm gettin fed up with my agency's attitude anyway), then I will try finding another agency or go full time with this new company.
  13. by   morango576
    I was going to drop my schedule part time anyway, because I'm starting nursing school now, so I don't want to kill myself working while going to school.