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I've been working in home health now for almost 3 years as a RN case manager in southern California. I'm posting this so those of you that are thinking about home health know what to expect and I'm... Read More

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    Thanks to both on your insight. I liked that both agreed to the same thing and that the "things" were not related to: how hard, stressful, unrealistic job demands, the long shifts, the nights, the weekends. I can see how that bothered both of you. I get aggravated when a patient begins to decline, (which is expected on hospice) and the family panics and wishes to change to "aggressive measures" and they transfer to ER. I can get through to most but the few would end up like those patients you guys described and it is a horrible way to die. Invasive treatments are not always life saving for everybody. I also like about hospice that it is not going anywhere. The demand for it will grow as home care becomes more important and more people understand the importance in changing intensity of care as we age or have a debilitating disease with poor prognosis.
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    These threads always make me want to go hug my boss.

    What is the top 500 agencies? Honestly, that's a lot of agencies and doesn't sound reassuring at all.