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Hi, as a newly appointed moderator, I want to live this forum up a bit. I just resigned my position as a HH supervisor, to go back to the field. I have been a nurse 20 years, 17 in critical care,... Read More

  1. by   woundnurse
    Have worked in home health now about 1 1/2 years and love it!!! Work for three agencies as CWOCN. Luckily all the local agencies use wound specialists to provide effective and efficient care. Only thing I would love to do without is the paperwork AHHHHHH..... Am in a Masters program, but it is more just for me... won't make much of a difference in what I will be doing.
  2. by   sjsap
    Hello woundnurse- I am hoping to hear some good tips for would care- can you let me know what is usually done for diabetic foot (heel) ulcers? Thank you! The md on one of my home care clients is kind of vague about what to use.
  3. by   LoisJean
    Welcome, wound nurse and sjsap;

    I would also be interested in your suggestions for the care of diabetic ulcers, too, wound nurse.

    I do foot care as a in-home nursing service and I often see stage two and three ulcerations under corns and calouses.

    Also...need some feed back on the care of cellulitis...(lower extremity with weeping and open areas present).

    Lois Jean
  4. by   outbackannie
    Did you ever notice that OASIS is part of the Government's Paper Reduction Act? HEEEHEEEHEEE!
  5. by   RoAbreu
    Hi... my name is Ruth Abreu, but my nickname is Ro and that is what everyone calls me. I am dually licensed in MA and NH and work the Merrimack Valley area, which includes some of both states.

    I'm new to home health; I have been a nurse since 1983, an LPN for seven years and then an RN starting in 1990. I've done long term care, skilled care, acute care (I was a night charge on a med surg unit for around six years) and holistic nursing, including bodywork and energy work. I'm a Reiki Master, certified in Healing Touch and Chios, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist; I have also done Medical Intuitive work.

    I just started in Home Health in August and so far I am enjoying it, I am challenged and learning a lot. I work M-F with every eighth weekend, and Case Manage, though our agency has nurses that handle UR and scheduling for us. We work using a remote record managing system on a PALM called HealthWyse.

    Well, enough for now, I'm glad to have found the forum and to see that it is active!
  6. by   renerian
    Welcome Ro. I love home health. I just took a hospice job that is turning into a nightmare.....

  7. by   sjsap
    Hello Ruth- I too, started in home care just this past July, and love it. I work in the metrowest area, but have been sent into the Boston area towns for a few patients. I am finding it a wonderful job for the most part- the downside is the manager of the agency is so anxious to grow the business that she doesn't say no to any referrals- or get them screened properly. The upside is I am using all the skills I have acquired over nearly 30 years in the nursing business, from when I started as an aide through the last 20 as an Rn. I invested in a palm-type device to help me keep track of my appointments and information- is the program Healthwyse very hard to get used to? Did you have to buy your own Palm? Is the program available at any computer stores or is it something the agency has? All of the agency charting is on paper which I find very tedious. Enoy chatting with you!
  8. by   outbackannie
    Welcome Ro! I did Home Health for 8 years until Medicare came out with PPS which made all the agencies in my area close. I still like to keep in touch with the forum; however, as I am doing Parish Nursing which is very similar. I also work 2 days a week at the hospital here which helps keep me up to date on new things.
  9. by   magic

    I'm new on this board but not new to home health. I have 9 years experience, took a 3 year break, now back again. Currently field staff. Having problems with "productivity". I can't believe with all my experience, I am not going to cut it. I do my assigned schedule but have too much unproductive time according to my supervisor. Not sure what I am going to do. I love doing the visits. I think I have a handle on OASIS and case management. Any ideas.
  10. by   RoAbreu
    Hi Ladies...

    OutbackAnnie: Ooh, Parish Nursing. I have wondered about that, too, I got a nondenominational minister's ordination so that I could go in and do energy work like Reiki with people and have it be "off the clock" as far as nursing, and have been wondering how Parish Nursing works as far as counseling, support, etc.

    SJSap: I'm working for HHVNA out of Lawrence, and they have contracted with HealthWyse so they provide the PALMs (they are HP Jornadas) and the support for the software, upgrades, etc. Since I started with one, I really have no comparison, but I am getting used to it and since I'm very used to Windows it's not hard to do, OASIS and everything is in there. There are bugs, but then I guess there are always bugs with Windows :-p HealthWyse is based out of Boston, I think, so they are probably in the book... and I'll bet they would love to talk to your agency if the boss is interested in that sort of thing.

    Magic, I'm curious what your caseload is, and what is expected of you. I am new to home health, and I'm slowly building a caseload; they don't expect me to go too fast at first because I am green and learning the system and case management. The regulars run around seven a day, I think, which I hope I can get up to in a decent time parameter... I'm doing three to four now. Is there a lot of travel involved with your patients? If you're doing your assigned schedule I don't know why it would be a problem? Where are you working?

    Renerian: so what's the nightmare with your hospice job? I have been curious about that, too, with my ministerial, hypnosis and energy work background, those seem better applied to palliative care than what I'm doing, though I'm liking hh fine. We have a hospice attached to our VNA and I was curious. Is this your first hospice job?
  11. by   renerian
    Okay here is the scoop. I am in graduate school and have five kids. My new company expects me to do all visits, HR, QI, orientation of all staff, intake, all oncall, all night, holiday and weekend visits. They also want me to cover call for the parent agency which is 2 hours away. The want me to purchase all universal precautions equipment for staff. They have no supplies and will buy none and keep any in the agency for staff to use, they want me to pay for mandatory conferences(two so far which are over 700) and the UP equipment which is at 350. They told me I did not have time to watch the 15 orientation/training tapes to just take the 15 tests without watching the videos, I am expected to work 8 hours the next day even if I worked all night and of course I am salaried. Basically they want me to work like a dog and they said they expectation is 60 to 70 hours per week......

    I just submitted my resignation...........oh and yes they told me I cannot have a copy of the medicare hospice regs nor can I have a policy or procedure manual for the office staff. I also have to do all consults, opens and revisits, death visits........the list goes on and on....

  12. by   RoAbreu
    Kudos for dropping them like a hot potato. They're trying to get you to do the work of six people and pay you for one. That is ridiculous. It seems like to me they are a liability suit waiting for a place to happen.

    Who oversees hospices, JCAHO? Somebody needs to go poke their head in and check out their system. Their expectations are not only extreme but dangerous.
  13. by   LoisJean
    Hi and Welcome to all of you! Ro, you're a gal after my own heart! And, magic: what exactly is meant by "productivity"? Are they saying that you work too fast? Please help me understand.

    Peace to all
    Lois Jean