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Hi, as a newly appointed moderator, I want to live this forum up a bit. I just resigned my position as a HH supervisor, to go back to the field. I have been a nurse 20 years, 17 in critical care,... Read More

  1. by   GYPSY1349
    Quote from wgbem
    dear gypsy,

    are you doing traveling nursing as a home care nurse? is that available? i would be interested to hear more. you can pm me.
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    yes, i'm working as a travel nurse doing home health care/case management. would be glad to give you any specifics. feel free to email me.
  2. by   GYPSY1349
    I'm not sure if this is how it's typically done in DFW area, as I haven't worked there, but I have been to Dallas many times, as my daughter lives there, and am well aware of the distances to get anywhere, and the length of the travel times!

    The fairest form of mileage compensation is the government standard reimbursement which at this time is somewhere between 40-44 cents per MILE. I've never worked home health without getting a specific per mile reimbursement.

    In my job, I receive 40.5 cents per mile, regardless of the lenght of the trip. Gas prices are high in Northern California, but this more than pays for my gas while I'm working, even driving an SUV.
  3. by   Cattitude
    <<2.00 per visit bonus to have my paperwork done in 24 hours. >>

    Now that would get me to do my paperwork in time!!! I currently work fulltime in NY. My pay is around $43 per hr but that inc. mileage. We do get cell phone and any tolls reimbursed though. Our FFS rate is $53 for regular visit and $70 for start of care. I usually do avg. of 5-6 pt's/day and about 15-20 miles total if I don't go into the office.
    I would love to see this board more active, I will post if ya'll do!!!

  4. by   CJ777
    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Hi gals & guys:

    Nurse Karen reporting in. I have 16 years home care: Early years focused on IV therapy including pain mgmt and blood administration in the home; Vent dependent teenagers and adults. Broadened out to include all aspects especially complicated wound therapy. Extensive case management including PDA Wavier and Options clients under Office of Aging programs.
    Became a clinical coordinator/administrator in 1997 after 2 years of 10-12hr days, having to pick up kids and bring back to work. 2 yrs ago, started in intake/utilization review, sane hours alowing for family life. Started MSN/Family Nurse Practioner program Fall 2000 at Widener University in PA, taking one course a semester, a 4 yr haul. Do per-diem visits on WE prn.
    Long term goal: setting up MD/NP housecall program in my area for hombound/disabled children and adults.

    Strng advocate for patients: Served as ombudsman to SNF, assisted living and domicilary homes in my county in past. Protective services + I on first name basis.
    You have a great attituide. Admirable..
  5. by   kieta2006
    wow what a way to get back in im very excited for u.
  6. by   Merced
    I did Home Health Case Management from 1988 to 1995. When I started, I loved the fact that I was able to use all my skills, education and judgment to really make a difference. As time went on, the challenges became more headaches & the job became less and less fulfilling to me (I was going thru burnout).

    I dipped my toe back in several years ago, and I could not believe OASIS. Absolutely ******* ridiculous.

    I doubt I'll do it again, but there is a private company nearby that I have considered working for; no OASIS & lots of the good stuff I had in the beginning.
  7. by   teejayrn
    I am a HH nurse and have been for 10 years. I have had every position from field nurse/case manager to administrator but elected to go back into the field because being with the patients is what I truly love, not all the confusion and chaos and uncertainity of management.
    I have just taken a travel assignment in the Massachusetts area to do home health. Can anyone out there tell me about the Mass area and the patient population??
  8. by   vnightingale06
    LVN here and is only working in HH for only a month. love the job in all aspects, way better than LTC.
  9. by   mrsorrwhat?
    Hello!! I am a hh lpn. I have 2 adult patients, alternating day shifts. I have also done peds with trachs, g-tubes , vents. I have tried ltc facilities, and hospital, neither of which was for me. I felt like all I did was hurry around passing meds. I left hh because everyone kept saying all we were was glorified babysitters so I figured I was missing out on something. In the ltc facility and hospital, I felt like a glorified drug pusher. Hh is definately my niche. My patients families have been so appreciative and thankful. They are , thank God, stable patients so the only small drawback is sometimes it can get a little boring, but I have become quite creative in coming up with crafts, cookies, and games to entertain. I also love the fact that I know my patients inside out. At the hospital when I had 10 to 14, a doctor would ask "do you have Mr._____?" and sometimes I honestly would not know,. It is nice to hear from all you other hh nurses!!!!!
  10. by   nurul
    thats the beauty of HH..
  11. by   pbj33
    resume help PLEASE!!!! i have worked as a rehab rn for 9 years, now working for the past year in hh, want to update my resume to start per diem nursing hh... any links with samples or any info would be greatly appreciated.. covered so much in hh phlebotomy, vacs, iv's wound care etc and looking to not make resume too wordy and not wordy enough.. :bowingpur :bowingpur resume phobia...
  12. by   Meems
    Hi All! I am a new HH nurse. I have been a LPN for almost 12 years most recently working for a site review company, but I really miss the patient interaction. I have never worked HH before and would like to know what "the veteran HH nurses" think of it overall. I live in Washington state and so am not going to burdened with th OASIS part of the process(sounds like a pain anyhoo) My admin says I will be seeing 5-7 patients a day. I am so excited about it! So hit me with your words of wisdom!:studyowl:
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  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome to the new folk!

    LPN's not responsible for OASIS---RN required to complete assessments per Medicare,,,,,,,you still get the fun of verbal orders and lot's other forms though. Good Luck!