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    PPS is Prospective Payment System. Under Medicare, it is a sort of a lump sum paid to the agency for each patient. It is calculated individually, directly related to the nurses assessment and the coding and diagnoses, in particular in order of priority. A pt w new diabetes who also needs PT and an aide will garner more reimbursement than a pt who does not need supplemental thr=erapies or an aide. It is really way more comlicated than that, but in a nutshell, that is PPS.I believe that either LTC or some rehabs also use this system.
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    Can anyone explain PPS to me? i have been in HHC for the last several years, came in as a supervisor, now am cl. coord., cl. manager/nurse educator.I ahve workrd shifts in an emergency. I absolutely love my job, even w/ a 1.20 hr. commute to my office. I am also in the field for visits as case monitoring/sup. role. Does anyone have any experience w/ their boss being fired? We came to work last mon., only to find the ceo there, and our boss was gone and repaced w/ another boss, even the same first name. Perhaps someone out there has had the same experience, and could comiserate w/ me. thank you.
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    Originally posted by NURSEKECK
    Can anyone explain PPS to me? i have been in HHC for the last several years, came in as a supervisor, now am cl. coord., cl. manager/nurse educator.
    Have you worked HH in this country in these roles and you do not understand and have never heard of PPS???

    Now I am confused. By the way, did you see I did answer the PPS question, above? You are asking for a complete education on PPS? That is a little much to research and copy/paste for you onto a forum.

    Here is the link...

    Get comfortable there is a lot to read...
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    OK, I see in another post you do peds. That may explain it. PPS is only for Medicare, and therefore generally the elderly and permanently disabled.
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    Hi ALL,
    I've been in HH for over 12 years and love it. I have flexible hours, and great co-workers. I enjoy meeting all the new patients, and learn from all of them.
    I don't always get enough work, so I'm contracted with several agencies. Lately I've been getting more work than I can handle, so I can save up for the slow days. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.
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    Welcome seasonedlpn!! Be sure to post on the "typical day" thread from time to time too. It really helps the nurses who are thiking about going this route to see what our usual days are like!
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    I work for an intermittent HHA. Since PPS we have had a 300% turnover in field staff. Each CM is expected to do a min.of 27 visits a week (sometimes turns into up to 33-34) and carry a caseload of 35-45 pts. No waivers. Ct are coming out of the hospital sicker and often into unsafe situations. Management just keeps telling us we have to do more. Our charting is repititious and never-ending. CMS policies are. in my opinion, open to interpretation so each time we ask for clarification from management we get a different answer. Personally can't wait to get out of this business and plan on doing so soon. Too bad, I used to really love home care.
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    I work for the VA and am the program coordinator for our brand new home health program. We are very fortunate that we've been able to build it from the ground up. Because it is a VA program, we are federally funded and don't have to deal with Medicare or PPS at all. It's a small program right now, There are 3 RN's (including myself) and we have a PA who does primary care in the home. The nurses do 3-5 visits a day, depending on time traveling. We have 5 community social workers. We have asked for funding for next year to have four more nurses and two more PA/NP's. Our nurses cover an hour radius from the hospital and our PA covers the whole state (Maine). The government assigns us vehicles and gas cards so we don't have to use our own. Its an awesome program. we have an awesome team, and we are having a blast! I've never even heard of a nurse being paid by visit. Holy Cow! The VA is a great place to work with fantastic benefits. I am very happy here, and love homehealth. I don't get to do as many visits as I'd like, with all the duties of running the program day to day, but I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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    Just a hello to say, you have a new HH SN from Ohio on your BB. I am so excited to participate and learn from all of you! I have been a nurse for about 8 years. (Can it really have been that long?) My first love is home care. I fell in love with nursing when I had to have home care nurses for a difficult pregnancy. I can't imagine doing anything else. I look forward to getting to know others who love it like I do.
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    Hi checking in to se if anyone out there has the regs for Illinois medicaid homecare patients. I am a RN doing homecare and a supervisor has told us that medicaid patients do not need to be homebound. Is this true? If so then why use homecare why not just go to the clinic or wherever for the dressing changes? Please help me!!!!
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    I do not know about your state but in Ohio the Medicaid client does not have to be homebound.

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    This one is nothing to do with the thread issue, except I'm ?? mixture of your (US) HH+ Public Health nurse in UK.
    Happened across name 'Hoolahan' while browsing, and remembered school friend in Ireland 1960's with same sirname.