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  1. I'm new to home health & the agency I work for uses a point system; 2 points for a start of care & 1 1/2 points for recert & post hospital (resump) & 1 point for regular or supervisory visits. Currently we are scheduled for 20 to 25 points per week. I was wondering if this is pretty standard in home health care because I'm having difficulty completing all my work in an 8 hour day. Will appreciate any info.

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  3. by   cookie102
    not sure about the point system , but an average day for RN is 5-6 pts. slightly higher for LPN, so 20-25 points/wk sound low, i think you are having trouble with all the paperwork as does everyone that is new to home health, don't worry, stay organized and you will be fine
  4. by   Traveler
    I have been with my present agency for 2 years and have almost 6 years in hh. The field nurses are salary and we also are the case managers for our load of about 25 patients. The cm takes additional time, but we are still expected to get 25 points/week. Admission-2, recert/ph/dc-1.25, sn visit- 0.75. We are very busy and they do expect a lot (we also have to do all of our own coding), but they pay very well for this area. I have 9 patients tomorrow (2 labs, 6 regular visits, and one recert) and that is a pretty typical day.

  5. by   akvarmit
    fourwacers - your required "points" sounds similar to the system our office uses, except we call them "units." We have to do avg 5.5 a day (56 a pay) so that would be comparable to yours.
    I've been in home health about 9 months, and somedays I feel like I'm drowning in a field of dead trees cut down for the paper mill! It does get easier. I've figured out my own system for doing the oasis visists, etc. I don't sit all night charting if I fall behind in the day - I will walk away for little bit and go out for supper or ice cream then come back to it. Some days I'm ahead of the clock and some days I'm not. It still beats 12 hr shifts in an ER ANYDAY!! And I'm sleeping in my bed every night of the week. Hang in there, it took 6 months for me before it started to make sense.
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  6. by   RN1263
    so do you make as much $ as you did in the hospital?....anyone?
  7. by   busyrninva
    The same actually, but the mileage and on call is all extra so I guess it's actually much more than the floor.
  8. by   DutchgirlRN
    I make much more in HH. 15-18 pt's per week
  9. by   teejayrn
    Our point system is very similar to the one you decribed. Average points per week is 21-25 made out of a combination of visits, however, it only applies to the salaried staff and if we go 3 consecutive pay periods with out making our points we are automatically dropped to a per visit rate.
  10. by   caliotter3
    The agencies I worked for did not use the point system, paid hourly. I did continuous care, anywhere from 4-12 hr shifts. Sometimes, approved overtime when there was no relief, usually 8 hr shifts on established cases. I found that the longer the shift, the more time I had to get documentation done during the shift although I personally prefer to document immediately following the shift, particularly when plenty was going on. You will find that the longer you are on the job, the easier it will get. You will develop a system which will help you cut down on time lost while trying to figure out what to do next. One of the hardest parts of hh I found was the way it destroyed my car. You need a special bank acct to save for your replacement car! Seriously. Do not let your car die on you without having means to get a replacement car like I did! Good luck. Hope you enjoy hh as much as most of us do.