Ever had a Reiki Massage session??

  1. My wonderful neighboors gave me a gift certificate as a graduation gift for a really neat "spa" or massage place in town. I stopped in and got thier brochure. These people offer chocolate facials (using REAL chocolate) and a chocolate and marshmallow foot soak!!! I have never heard of such a thing, and it sounds really neat!! Anyways...i am allergic to chocolate (it gives me migraines) and I KNOW if i have it smeared all over my face that some of it is going to end up going in my mouth (via my fingers!! LOL!!) so I am thinking about the Reiki massage session. I am a very spiritual person and have always done meditation and relaxation and stuff so the Reiki session seems very appropriate for me. Just wondered if anyone has ever had one and what you though of it.

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  3. by   nativehealer
    Luvmy2angles, yes I have had Reiki Massages before, by Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters. The Reiki massages are very spiritually uplifting and very relaxing. I believe you will enjoy the experience.

  4. by   Love_2_Learn
    Excuse me please, but I thought that Reiki treatments do not involve massage. I mean, the Reiki practitioner holds their hands an inch or so away over certain places on your body for a few minutes in each place. When I think of massage, I think of the kneading and such where your muscles are rubbed and, well, massaged. Am I wrong about Reiki being a non-touch complementary therapy? I've heard of massage therapists also being Reiki practitioners because having the Reiki attunement helps keep the massage therapist from picking up and taking on unhealthy energy from their clients during the massage....

    I'm a little confused; any clarification coming my way would be very much appreciated.


  5. by   nativehealer
    It all depends on the Reiki Master or Practioner on what a person needs. I have had it done both ways, hands on then an inch above and just hands above. Sorry that I did not properly clarify this.

  6. by   FrustratedLPN
    As a frustrated LPN, I obtained my Master's in Reiki. Hopefully, I will be able to work fulltime with Reiki very soon, as I believe that it not only helps physically, but spiritually, and emotionally. The plus side is that there is no "red tape" involved, no physician orders to be written. All your needed supplies are at hand. "Energy" healing and "Touch Therapy" are also terms I have heard in relation to Reiki.

    There are also many methods of Reiki, depending on the teacher. Again, one has to be open to alternative methods of healing to receive benefit.

    Too often we forget that healing must encompass body, mind, and spirit.

  7. by   Love_2_Learn
    Thanks for the clarification. For some reason I remember hearing that Reiki practitioners do not need licenses to practice because they are not actually touching a person... something about the actual hand-to-body touch requires a license... like the Licensed Massage Therapist who has the LMT credential behind their name after attending schooling and then passing an exam. I don't remember where I heard or read that. It kinda makes sense though.

    I'm very, very interested in all types of complementary therapy and totally believe in energy work. Too bad no one near my home, probably in my entire state, practices such things though.

    Thanks again for your information. I'm so glad allnurses.com has this forum! allnurses.com ROCKS!
  8. by   SFCardiacRN
    Do you get a discount if the masseuse doesn't actually touch you?
  9. by   spiritualnurse

    I'm a Reiki master in the traditional lineage - Usui Reiki.
    It doesn't include message but it's a great way of healing and find well being.
    There are several studies regarding nursing and Reiki and they show how Reiki can improve health conditions.
  10. by   judyblueeyes
    "Again, one has to be open to alternative methods of healing to receive benefit" means "if you don't get better, it's your own fault". LOL
  11. by   zenman
    Quote from judyblueeyes
    "Again, one has to be open to alternative methods of healing to receive benefit" means "if you don't get better, it's your own fault". LOL
    Yes, even those animals who are helped by acupuncture, for example, must express a desire to get better.
  12. by   KeithEMU
    I'm both a reiki Master (I hate that term, it should be teacher) and a massage therapist. Now I'm goign to school for nursing. Some states you don't need a liscence to touch, like VA. Reiki is very relaxing and spiritually uplifting. I was doing reiki before I went to massage school. I'm not sure I do just reiki sessions anymore. I've learned so many modalities over the years. I tend to mix up what I know for whatever the person needs.
  13. by   healingtouchRN
    No discount.
    The client is paying for the practitioner's time & energy. I have a private practice in Healing Touch (similar to Reiki) & in massage & bodywork. My rates are by the hour & also depend on if I use aromatherapy, hot stones, etc. This increases the cost since it increases my overhead. One must buy oils, & pay extra if a stone crock is used. Does this answer the question?
    Quote from SFCardiacRN
    Do you get a discount if the masseuse doesn't actually touch you?
  14. by   Jo Dirt
    I've been to several Reiki sessions. I couldn't tell they really did anything so I stopped going.
    I got a lot more out of reflexology.