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I will finish an accelerated BSN program in May, 2005. Once I graduate (school in Florida), I would like to move back to my home state (PA).

Would any hospitals take on a GN from another state? What happens when I take boards - do you recommend taking them before I go? Can I just as easily take them in another state? Is it better to find an agency to help?

Many thanks in advance!



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I would need to move between school years so my kids don't have to switch schools mid-year. Therefore, I'd need to move immediately upon graduation, or wait another year. We are VERY unhappy here and wish to move back asap. Thanks again!


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I've heard you can, but I'd guess it would depend on the ed program, and the state's reciprocity laws, etc. Of course, know it will be double stressfull moving and trying to prepare for the NCLEX (or whatever test you have to take). I am in a similar situation...I currently live in TX, and in January I am going to start travelling--most likely to CA first. My girlfriend is graduating in December from an ADN program and will be joining me. The question is, when. She isn't sure if it's going to be possible to take her boards in CA. So I am curious what kind of responses you get.


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If you graduate from an accredited program, which i'm sure you will, you can take the NCLEX in any state. Just make sure the school you are attending sends in all the information to the state you plan to take the exam and not the one you graduated in. You don't have to file for reciprocity if you plan to practice in the state you take the exam. You just pay all of the licensing fees in the state you want the license for. I hope that makes sense. So you won't have to get a FL license and then apply for the PA one. Just take the test in PA and apply for a PA license. I did this myself when I graduated. It's really easy with the whole computerized exam now. Best of luck.

Oh and you can work as a GN in another state without problems too.

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I graduated in June from a program in CA. I moved to IL one week after graduation. AND I started working as a GN in WI in July. Didn't take boards until mid-August....so it is possible. Call the state you are moving to to get an application packet. For Wisconsin I had to have my school fill out a form upon graduation.

Good luck!


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Kirsten, I'm doing the same thing you are (moving to Pa after completion of my ADN) I was told that you can take the test in the state you live in and have the results sent to Pa. You won't have a license, in my case, Nevada.


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Great responses and much relief! I can't wait to move back and it's great to know I don't have to wait. Now I just need to find a position upon graduation :(

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