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  1. Hope to get some advice. I work in a clinic setting so we have repeat pts all the time. Anyway, I got a call Friday as we were leaving so it won't be handled until today. A person called to get the follow up appt info for 3 pts that came in a month ago. The pts are residents in a group home setting and the caseworker who brought them in has resigned, so the new caseworker needs to know when their return visits are to be scheduled and the results of the testing that we did. Here's the dilemma: the previous caseworker signed the HIPAA forms, so the new caseworker isn't on them. New caseworker was able to verify pt names and DOB, and I know the pts are in the group home setting and we have that paperwork. Is this a gray area or will the new caseworker be allowed this info? Or is giving the date due for the return appt not a violation and we get a new HIPAA form signed then?
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  3. by   klone
    I would just call them back and tell them "Sorry, until we have a new ROI signed with your name, we cannot give out that info. Here's our fax number, as soon as we receive it, we will give you a call with the information you need."
  4. by   Tenebrae
    Is it possible to do the RO! with the house as a whole? In terms of it being a service with multiple people who work with the residents

    Our consent forms which our patients sign when they enter our facility give us permission to speak with people directly involved in that patients care, eg GP, district nurse etc.

    I know in the group homes there is a similar type of consent which allows employees of the residential service to liase with other healthcare professionals PRN
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Perhaps you could rework your release forms for people under guardianship/conservatorship to say something like "the undersigned or designee," which would indicate that if that worker leaves, his responsibilities devolve to whoever takes over his job. Or something as tenebrae outlines. Run it past your office atty, but I doubt that it would be a problem.
    Meanwhile, the dates of service are OK to tell anyone. I mean, you'd tell the taxi company to pick up Mr. X and Ms. Y to come to Dr. Z' office on date/time, right?