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Hillsborough Community College - Spring 2014

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Hello all,

I wanted to start a thread for those applying to HCC's Spring 2014 nursing program. I am a stay at home mom. I know its early but I wanted to get as much info as possible. The deadline isn't until 6/1. I'm a current HCC student. My pre-req GPA is 3.57 (all A's 1 B and 1 C ), I'm hoping that this is good enough to get me a spot in the program.

What is everyone elses GPA? I heard its lower for the Spring.

Hello [COLOR=#003366]Jolisa616! I am waiting on my final transcript to drop off application. Should be this week. My Don't know what my final GPA will be because I still have 1 more final to take but somewhere at 3.67 or above. When I meet with advisor she told the last entrance was 3.3 was the cutoff. That surprising because it is even lower than what is stated on website. I am a stay at home mommy too.

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Hello Jolisa616 rthompsonsp2014. I am going to drop off my application next week. I think my GPA is going to be around 3.8. I took all of my prerequisits over 7 years ago from HCC. I'm also a stay at home mom of 2 funny kids. I'm applying from NC but as soon as I get in (hopefully i will get in), me and my kids will pack up and leave from NC.

I sent all of my transcripts almost 2 weeks ago but I don't see anything on the system. I might call school next week...

Hello All,

Good to see someone started a post for the spring 2014 class. It’s almost that time, just waiting to take my finals in Micro & Coll Algebra then wait for the final grades to be posted before I submit my official application. Then the fun begins, (not so much) waiting for apps to be processed and acceptance letters to go out. It’s going to be a long wait until September. Good luck to during finals week for those of us that are finishing those final pre-reqs this semester.

@ rthompsonsp2014 , I don’t know who told you that 3.3 was the cut off but that is way off. The last 2 semester cut offs were 3.7 when letters went out. There are always 3 or 4 alternates that get in at the last minute each semester with a 3.5 due to others declining their spots for one reason or another but a 3.3, I dought it.

Those that think the GPA is lower for spring entrees are going to be in for a big surprise. The competition has only gotten more competitive over the last couple semesters. I would be very surprised if the cut off went below 3.7 again.


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Hello!! I'm also glad that someone posted a thread for spring 2014. :) I'm just getting the remainder of my application together and hope to turn it in next week. My pre-req GPA is a 3.52.

And yes, 3.3 was the lowest GPA accepted last spring!!! I spoke to an advisor as well at HCC and was told the same information. :) I've also been reading posts on this site from spring 2013 applicants and people with GPAs as low as 3.45 were accepted in the first round, not even as alternates, so it seems like we all have an awesome chance.

I currently attend SPC and graduated from USF and was told (by many SPC professors!!) that the HCC program is superior to the SPC program.

Good luck everyone!!! :) Just relax after the application is in; all we can do after that is wait. :)


I'm waiting for my teacher's to officially post grades so I can apply. I have a 3.57 gpa and im worried that I wont get accepted :(...I've taken all my prerequs at hcc, does that mean i still have to send in an official transcript with my application? Good luck to everyone!

I was told when I called student services (and also read on the last year post for HCC spring) that you do not need to attach transcripts to application as long as they are all received at the admission or in records. I am waiting for final grades to post at another school so I can pick up offical transcript and drop that and application off at the same time.

@ [COLOR=#003366]rthompsonsp2014, WOW...Im surprised, but happy, that really helps out alot of other applicants that may have a 3.4 or 3.5. I know several applicants that have a 3.5 and they will be very happy if that holds true for this class. I will be turning in my application some time next week after the offiicial grades are posted. If everything goes well i should have a 4.0 or at worst a 3.9, i wont know until final grades are posted later this week. keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi all, so happy we are getting one step closer. It feels like it has taken forever to finally finish those prereqs. I am waiting for final grades to post but from what my professors told me I think I'll be applying with a 4.0!! So happy,it wasn't easy considering I have two babies but it can be done.

@fxcolon well I am not as excitied now. I saw on the Fall 2013 thread that all the alternates were under 3.7GPA so it looks like for fall the 3.7 was the cut off. Spring from what they say is lower but not much I can do but apply and wait. I am still going to continue to moniter that thread and see if the alternates actually get in the program because many have posted that a lot of alternates do...

Hey everybody! Im happy you all responded. I will have a 3.57 GPA and im so nervous -__- What campus are you all applying to and what times ?

Hi Jolisa616,I am applying to the night program as I am a stay at home mom and I can't go to class until my hubby gets home:-) what about you?

@Juleby1987 I am either doing the night program or afternoon. my first choice would be nights as well though.

If I get in I want to do mornings at DM.

I am applying for mornings at DM...if I get in as well.

With your GPA I think u will :yes: