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High school refresher courses - Pre health


Hi All

I am going to Seneca college to do the pre health program in Sept 14 (as this is one of the few schools in the GTA that offers direct pre health to BsN programs) and want to refresh my courses from h/s.

I have already been accepted but wanted to know if anyone has done this. Taken a few high school courses prior to returning to school? I have all my maths and sciences etc from h/s but it has been a while and want to get some sort of refreshment while I have the time during this summer.

Has anyone done this? I was looking at ILC but was unsure if you can actually retake courses that you already did in high school?

Nursing is super competitive you better get a GPA 4.0 anything less that than... your not going to grantee acceptance I would know.... not a lot of people get into nursing if you don't have A high GPA!!! You better do good...

Make sure this is something you really want to do.....

I applied there as well.... I'll be starting my perquisites for nursing all over again..... :( since I'm missing some required courses to get into the nursing program

I had to redo all of my high school science and math courses in order to qualify to enter nursing school. It was an intense long journey that took me a year and a half. It can be done but you need to be dedicated and have some sort of financial plan. I am now entering my fourth year of a BN program this fall, which leaves me at 5.5 total years straight! Best of luck to you! Hindsight is 20/20.

Hey Libby!

I know that Humber offers a two semester General Arts & Science program which allows direct access to an RN program. The GAS program was a breeze; I went to half my classes and did minimal studying and got into nursing. I had a 55-60 average throughout high-school, blame my laziness :cautious:, and still was able to get in.

I did pre-health at George Brown. I found it pretty difficult, but a lot of others found it pretty easy. I struggle in math so that was a big factor, but I pulled through and by some miracle got an acceptance.

Pre-health is good in the sense that it prepares you for the workload you will have in health programs, but other than that there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for classes that you can upgrade through night school or ILC for free. Especially since there's no guarantee that you will get in, although they make it sound that way. The only reason I went this route was because I thought the college environment would be more motivating, however I am now 4000 dollars more in debt.

George Brown only saved 30 seats out of the entire pre-health program for the rpn. They said you needed a minimum 75 average, but they really mean a 90-95%. I don't know what the seats are like at Seneca though.

I'm sure you've already decided you're going, but just some things to think about!

Good luck!

Not to mention if you upgrade through ILC or night school you can apply to any university/college you please! Whereas with pre-health, very few universities consider the certificate "university level" so you're limited to colleges

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Wow I have read so many negative posts about prehealth but my prehealth experience was so different! I did mine at Conestoga and I finished it over three years ago but still consider it an investment in my education that I will never regret.

It was difficult and busy, I would say it was actually on par with my nursing program in regards to how busy it was. I had taken sciences in highschool but wasn't really interested therefore learned only the bare minimum, so prehealth built a really strong foundation for me to build upon, well above a high school level, and this really helped me easily transition into nursing.

I'm currently in Pre-Health at Fanshawe, and I LOVE it. Absolutely adore it. Our pre-health program allows us admission into the BScN program as well as RPN at Fanshawe/Western or just Western. It's a really intense program, but I love every single bit of it. I do not regret at all going the pre-health route. But out of hundreds of us, they take 35 people for the BScN program. Last year the cut off was something around 3.83 GPA so you basically have to have A-A+ in every single class to get in. I started in January, and a lot of my classmates flunked out or are sitting really low in grades so are planning to repeat first semester again come September when the rest of us are starting second semester!!

But stick it out and work really hard and it will totally pay off!!!

Thanks everyone for the comments on this! I have done extensive review on the pros and cons of the pre-health and I am lucky enough to just go for it. I will have to see how I can deal with my work schedule when I get my schedule but I will deal with that later.

Anyone else going to Seneca Sept 2014 for pre-health?

shearbear95, so it seems like we are going to the same school in Sept 2014 possibly? Will you be starting at Seneca in Sept for the pre-health program?