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  1. rpnstudent199

    Any PN students at Seneca?

    To my knowledge, there is no difference. Same program, different location. I go to King and yes it is in the middle of nowhere. Yorkgate is inside of a mall and is right beside Jane and Finch but if that doesn't bother you then go for it. I wanted to transfer schools as well because of how far away the school is from me, but all of the schools I contacted said they don't take nursing transfers. I don't know about Seneca, but you should definitely call and ask :)
  2. rpnstudent199

    George Brown vs Mohawk

    I am currently waitlisted for both Mohawk and George Brown. I'm aware I may not hear anything from either school, let alone both but I'm just wondering about the positives and negatives of each school in case a miracle happens. I've been accepted to Seneca but it's extremely far from me so I'm crossing my fingers! I'll be away tree planting all summer and have someone checking my applications regularly, so I want to be able to make a quick and informed decision if the time comes. So if any students could share their opinions it would be really helpful!
  3. rpnstudent199

    Transgender student nurse

    I find it pretty outrageous that people are blaming the OP and saying they are "looking for abuse" and "using the transgender issue as a scapegoat." This person has clearly been through a lot and regardless of whether you think they are too emotional, you should not be blaming the victim. Until you live in a transgendered person's shoes you have NO right to make any comment on their experience or how they react to it. You cannot possibly compare a small comment an instructor made to the things this person has to endure not only in the classroom but throughout life. The judgment and lack of support which some individuals have responded with greatly disappoints me. This is a forum people use to get support and guidance, not to be further ridiculed.
  4. rpnstudent199

    High school refresher courses - Pre health

    Not to mention if you upgrade through ILC or night school you can apply to any university/college you please! Whereas with pre-health, very few universities consider the certificate "university level" so you're limited to colleges
  5. rpnstudent199

    High school refresher courses - Pre health

    I did pre-health at George Brown. I found it pretty difficult, but a lot of others found it pretty easy. I struggle in math so that was a big factor, but I pulled through and by some miracle got an acceptance. Pre-health is good in the sense that it prepares you for the workload you will have in health programs, but other than that there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for classes that you can upgrade through night school or ILC for free. Especially since there's no guarantee that you will get in, although they make it sound that way. The only reason I went this route was because I thought the college environment would be more motivating, however I am now 4000 dollars more in debt. George Brown only saved 30 seats out of the entire pre-health program for the rpn. They said you needed a minimum 75 average, but they really mean a 90-95%. I don't know what the seats are like at Seneca though. I'm sure you've already decided you're going, but just some things to think about! Good luck!
  6. I'm very sorry for everything you've been through. I commend you on your dedication to being successful and getting where you want to be despite your personal struggles. Please don't listen to the negativity and don't give up! You've come too far and you CAN do it. I agree that you should seek help for your anxiety and PTSD issues before you attempt the exam again. Good luck with everything and keep trying!
  7. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    Bump ~
  8. Hi everyone, I'm finding it really hard to find out how hard it is to transfer colleges for practical nursing. I really want to transfer after first semester. If anyone has any information on this subject I would really appreciate you sharing your experience :)
  9. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    No worries, I'm sure everything besides the facilities is similar. How do you find the classes?
  10. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    Hi Marie! I'll be going to King Campus, is that where you go?
  11. rpnstudent199

    Need help making a decision

    I just finished pre-health at George Brown. Your marks are great so I would say do not take pre-health. It is a huge money grab and it would be awful to pay all that money and chance not doing as well as your highschool marks and not getting in. If practical nursing is better for you I think you should hold off and apply for January start. You will pretty much definitely get in because my marks aren't as good as yours and I was accepted Good luck!
  12. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    Exactly! And all of the colleges have to meet the standards of the Ontario Nursing Association so they are all pretty much the same. However, some schools are always going to be looked down upon unfortunately.
  13. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    I just finished George Brown pre-health so yes I applied there. It is EXTREMELY difficult to get in there. I have friends with 90+ averages who haven't gotten in, and my marks are not the greatest so it's not likely.
  14. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    yeah i've been hearing the same thing . I live in Mississauga so it's gonna be around 2 hours for me as well. I'm really hoping to transfer second semester but I have no idea if that's even possible.
  15. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    Awesome, good luck!:) Do you happen to have any knowledge about how the Seneca program is?
  16. rpnstudent199

    Seneca College RPN

    It's really far for me too, but I'm still going because I don't want to chance applying next year and not getting in anywhere. Have you heard from any other colleges?

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