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Current: Seneca College PRN student 2017 start The plan: Bridging - Un of Ontario BScN - Un of Ontario Advanced Studies - to come possibly

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  1. Pre health at Seneca

    How hard? It is challenging in the 2nd semester. First was pretty easy and fun. 2nd is like, woah, what happened here? It goes from 0-100 fast and hard. Like the other poster said, read the chapters assigned before each class for all classes. Stay on...
  2. Pre health at Seneca

    Hi, I just finished this program about a year and a half ago. You can only apply for the BScN program at Seneca/York with this program. It is not applicable to get you into any other school. It is a challenging but good program BUT limiting. From wha...
  3. Part Time Practical Nursing Seneca

    Hi Gosia29 I sent you a PM - hoping you can reply - Thnx
  4. Seneca (Yorkgate) Practical Nursing 01/2017

    "Is Yorkgate in the Jane and Finch area? have never heard of any crime in the area?" yes, you are very right. Jane & Finch is NOT ideal but I don't think the school would be at that location if it were not relatively safe. It is not locat...
  5. Seneca (Yorkgate) Practical Nursing 01/2017

    I will be going to this school in Jan 2017 also. After long deliberation and thinking about how I will pay for this, I held off entering nursing school in 2016. Running through the numbers over and over I knew I needed to gather more money in the ban...
  6. Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Thanks so much for that recap SEPF. That was a great snap shot of what is to come. Question, was the material difficult? I am asking about the course material period. Seems like the workload gets harder in the 2nd semester and so on. What was the har...
  7. Sheridan College RPN January 2016

    I will be starting in January also! Did you get yoru schedule etc as of yet?
  8. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    Hi ILoveSmurfs - were you able to send an email at the above address? I also sent you a PM with it just in case also. I know you are super busy but just wondering if something was sent and I may have missed it. Thnx
  9. Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Nayomif, you should be writing the HOAE test very soon. Did you set up an appointment date yet?
  10. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    Ok, yes you can email me at rhonag123 at gmail dot com
  11. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    ILoveSmurfs - Thank you sooooo much for your reply. This is all wonderful news to hear. I have sent you a PM so hopefully we can chat more there.
  12. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    I only knew for a school as I had to submit a midterm mark for an outstanding course - conditional only. It is accumulative I think. I believe I will be able to provide the mark they want at the end of the course (knock on wood). I am unsure about th...
  13. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    Canadaboy, yes I have a degree but it played very little with this program as it is not even remotely related to health. My hs marks were just average. It was my pre health marks that helped. I took pre health as I have been out of hs for a while and...
  14. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    I went to Seneca for pre health and it was great. I enjoyed the program (although very busy and stressful at times esp 2nd semester) but it was just too far for me as it is in King City. I did apply but decided to make my life easier as there were ot...
  15. Choice btwn Sheridan and GBC

    I was wondering if there are any recent grads from either Sheridan college or George Brown College's PRN program? I have been accepted by both schools for January 2016 intake (applied for then to save $ as pre health has shown me that living on a PT ...