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Hi seeking advice..


Hi guys :) I start my journey into the nursing student pre professional phase this spring. I just wanted to know what advice do you have for me on what to study 1st, how to study, how not to get sucked into oblivion by the sheer size of these text books. Any advice would be great. You know when you started out and you were like damn it wish someone would of told me that .... Yes That's the things I'd love to know.



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Are you starting your prereqs or your RN program?

Ultimately, it comes down to things like organization, time management, prioritization, and utilizing your resources.

What are you taking this semester?


I'm taking my prereqs

Comp I


General psychology

Introduction to chemistry


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I agree with runbabyrun. These classes are meant to weed out people for the nursing program. I don't know your academic background, but it is pretty common knowledge on AN that A&P are very tough classes. I would be careful about taking such a heavy class with chemistry too. Your pre requisite grades(and eventually your entrance exam) are the most important things for trying to get into nursing school. In the schools I've read about a B or above is the norm so make sure you take your time and don't overload yourself. Good luck!

I still have time to change my classes. Yes I really do not want to overload myself and I'm already reading over a&p 1 and watching YouTube videos. I took chemistry in high school so I though introduction to chemistry wouldn't be too in depth but I rather be safe than sorry.

Thank you.


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Sounds like a big semester! How many units?? Be cautious about sacrificing your GPA for the sake of hurrying through your classes. Nursing programs are very competitive, and a low GPA will really limit your options.

Are you working as well? Do you have kids and a family, or are you young and single?

Since you're just starting out, I recommend you buy a good voice recorder if you don't have one yet. These will be really handy when it comes to your sciences where the details matter a lot. Our hands don't seem to write all details during class time.

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Are you sure you want to take TWO sciences?

I think you should focus on one science per semester; at least in my experience college Chem was just as heavy as A&P I.

My advice is to make sure you get to know your instructors, seek out assistance when you don't understand something, use your resources at the college.

Best wishes.

If I could go back and do my science pre-reqs over (still in them actually, but nearly done), I'd do it in this order:

1. Chem I

2. Chem II + Microbiology

3. Nutrition + A&P I

4. A&P II

Then sprinkle in your other classes (math, history, etc.) in there in whatever order. But the reason I put that order is because I'm learning that it all builds on the other courses. First you learn about the atoms, then the molecules, then how those make up microorganisms (cells, bacteria, etc.), then you can apply that to nutrition and then also how they build into systems of the human body and how it's structured and works together. I did mine way out of order (A&P I, II, Chem I, Chem II + Micro), so yea, that's probably my main regret.

Also, if you can afford the time/money to do Summer courses, I'd try to do at least 1 (I'd recommend your non-science courses) during each part of Summer (if yours is split into 2 mini-semesters like it is where I am). It'll alleviate your load in the full semesters, so you have more time to focus on those science courses.

Oh yea, flash cards. I'd highly advise you at least try them to see if they work for you. They got me A's in all my science classes so far, so I'd say they can work.

Lastly, use ratemyprofessor.com to find good professors. How good a professor is at teaching a class can make or break your "enjoyment" of the course.

OMG you guys are probably the most helpful!! Thank you

I'm actually married. I'm 25. We have no kids.

I will take heed to all your advice

I really appreciate your help.