Hi guys!

Nursing Students NCLEX


Im new here in AN, but have been spying people's study tips lol. I am hoping to take my nclex soon.. I've been using Saunders, LaCharity and Ncsbn and a little Kaplan (little cause i dont have that much money :( do you guys think those rviews are enough? Or what?:(

Please help me guys :( huhuhu

I hope to hear from you guys soon :'(

hey! thats ok! there's so much bunch of FREE materials floating around here in AN..and just search it and KEEP READING ALL THE POSTS HERE!! it was very HELPFUL pls, send your e-mail and i will help you for the MEDS COPY that i got from here TOO..!! relaks and take it easy..!!

Wow! Thank you so much! :') my email is

[email protected]

I will do what you told me, thank you!!!

Got it!! Thank you so much for your kind heart! God bless you!

lemme know! :sleep:coz i am sleepy head in few minutes=sleep mode

Will do! Take care

God bLess you too Dear! Dont forget God LOVES you much..! GOD BLESS YOU too! nyte!!:saint:

Awe thank you so much again! Im sure God loves you as well, and all of us!

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