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Well I had my first nursing exam on medication administration and I scored a 94! I got the highest grade in the class. I have a mico quiz on Monday. The only thing I didn't do was give my first injection last week. I jammed out. I was ok until I found out the instrutor wanted us to know every detail about the drug we were going to give. I was to give an insulin injection and I froze on the whys of it all. I wanted to add a big thanks to everyone for there suggestions and support in my previous posts. You all mean alot to me.:D

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Great job on the test!!!! That is a great score. :)

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Congratulations on your test grade! I have yet to make a 90 on any of my nursing tests.

Don't feel too bad about the injection...last week I had to go relook up heparin before I could give it. My instructor asked me a bunch of questions that I couldn't answer at all--my previous clinical instructor never asked those questions! (WHY are you going to give it at 90 degree angle? Are you going to massage? Why not? Do you provide pressure afterwards? Why?)


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Congratulations Rhona!


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Congratulations on your exam! :balloons:

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