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HH Teaching pamphlets

Blount Blount (New) New

Does anybody have any ideas on where I can get teaching handouts for families of pediatric patients? Most of the cases I deal with are CVL's, Gtubes, FTT, colostomies, etc. If there is a website I can access, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don't like leaving the families, without a written word of what I have explained. They are so overwhelmed, and if they had a handout it would reinforce what I have taught.

Thank you

reddellrn specializes in Medsurg, home health, ob and rehab.

your home health company should have teaching material for u to leave in the home, ;)

Wouldn't the doctor in the specific area of practice give info such as printouts, etc?

Yes you could go onto websites...like Bard, or Mickey for the g tubes, buttons etc......

How about just googling the info you are looking for & printing it out? Good Luck!

In addition to the teaching sheets in patient teaching texts that I bought while I was in school, I have made it a habit through the years, to pick up at least 2 each of any pamphlet I see. They are usually in MD offices or hospitals, or clinics, or the pharmacy. I like these because they are in easy to understand language. I've got quite a collection.

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I think one challege of having written material is to be sure that the material matches your clinical procedure policies before it is given to the member or else should something happen, a person trying to do the right thing ends up giving writen material that conflicts with policies and the policies superceed the booklet.

Does that make sense?


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