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Hey! I am new!

Hey everyone, I am fairly new to the site. I was using it to get some info for nursing school and etc, and I finally decided to join because it looks like everyone is really friendly and i feel like could really gain a good support system here. I am starting LPN school in only 2 weeks!! My nerves are on edge. I am so scared and excited at the same time. I got all my books for school and it feels so surreal. If anyone has any advice for first few weeks of nursing school please let me know! Thank you! :)

I started poking around here in March, then joined for the reasons you did. This site is full of friendly informative people. In my case the have calmed my nerves over the TEAS test, the uncertainty of going back to school for what will be a completely different second career etc. I hope you continue to find pleasant enlightening people to talk to here. I'm starting school September 4th, so you can lean on me, because we'll both need support systems and can compare notes.

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Hey ! And welcome, what school are you going to attend?


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welcome to allnurses, jaycee! best wishes as you start nursing school. be sure and check out all our student related forums here -----

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Hi! It's super hard, but doable. I recommend staying organized most definitely! And never ever fall behind in your reading & homework assignments. Keep a little date book or calendar to help you keep track of due dates & test dates(in our program we had a test every other week). Also, if you need help or tutoring..it never hurts to ask! Some of us formed study groups. Good luck!

Def make use of a calendar. I use my iPhone calendar and a notebook calendar. If you can manage to read everything before a lecture it helps a ton. I always make notes from the reading. We have always been told to listen to our lecture recordings three times that it's been proven hearing it three times increases the chance of us remembering it. Also I just started looking at outside sources like the website scribd , YouTube...etc they are very resourceful if you are having trouble understanding things!

Congrats and good luck! I have three weeks left of my program so you can do it!!!

Hi SushiJoe, I believe you commented on my question about LPNC? Yes here in Nebraska you do need that for IV's.I,ve been a LPN for a long time and now have 3 kids in college so no money for me to go to get my RN. Probly won.t be a pay hike, but at least a personal goal. Thanks for commenting and good luck!

heres a few tips for you to be successful.

class / lecture tips

always have pens/pencils and highlighters. lots of them!

have a binder for each subject with lots of loose leave paper and a small 3 hole punch you can carry for handouts.

stay organized!

now theres alot of back to school sales going on so i would deffinitly invest in the pen/pencil/binder/looseleave/folder/index card sales at places such as walmart;target ect

flashcards are your best friend!

buy a decent rolling backpack and a bag for clinicals. save your back! you`re going to need it for many years!

ask to record lectures or have your teacher email/print out slides. if they wont then copy them.

find some buddies and if you cant have a study group bc you are all busy my suggestion is to each take a chapter and outline it and then give it to others in a group.

example: if you have four chapters and four people; each person outlines one chapter (typed&printed) for each person in the group. this way you save everyone some work! =]

quizlet.com is a great website you can make flashcards and view them on apple and android devices with the app.

(this is also good for if you do a group. i.e each person makes the flashcards on quizlet and sends everyone the link and they can download them)

Hi! I'm new too.. I'm enrolled in an LVN program that starts in September, unless I am chosen as an alternate for a shorter, more intensive program (at the same school) that starts in August. I've got all of my paperwork turned in, background check, physical and immunizations done, and scrubs purchased! While I wait for school to start, I'm busy studying for my national registry exam for EMT at the end of this month.

It's an exciting time for us all! Congrats!

Thanks amber. Those are some really good tips that ill be sure to follow!


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