Hey I Need Help Im A New Grad


i am a new graduate and i will actually graduate May 10 this year with a BSN i was wandering does anyone know how to go about gettin my foot into GRADY ER. I really need this experience i have had clinicals in two ERs so far and the one i am in now is a level 2 trauma center.

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Moved your thread to the Georgia forum that we have here, since I assume that is where the facility is that you are interested in.

Suggest that you contact the HR dept at the hospital there and put in an application. Many facilities are now waiting to see passing results of the NCLEX exam before hiring.

But you have me confused, you state that you are a new graduate, but you will be graduating in May. If still a student, you are not a graduate yet. Best suggestion as a student is to try and get a preceptorship where you want to work, that gets you a jump ahead of others.

Best of luck to you.

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Not really a problem getting into Grady's ER. One of my classmates with no experience and right out of nursing school got a job in their ER. She's still there after 3 years.

Best of luck!


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You will have NO problem getting a job at Grady. When I was a new grad and interviewed there they offered me the job at the 1st interview. Same with several of my fellow graduates.


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Speak with the nurse recruiter at Grady and I'm sure they will give you all the help you will need. To work in the ER at Grady as a new grad you will have to be a part of their RN Residency program and sign a two year contract. Orientation is six months long and a group just finished a few weeks ago so they should be starting a new one soon. You will need to pass the NCLEX before you can start, but they do hire Nurse Externs for the ER.

Good luck to you.

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