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Hey Guys! :)

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I am currently using UWorld as my study material for the NCLEX. My overall average for this is a 60%. Can anyone tell me if this is the range I should be in for the NCLEX? I absolutely love UWorld, so any of my UWorld people out there, a little advice? How do you like UWorld? What are you averaging? Is there anything else you are using to study? I would love some feedback.

Thanks so much!

Hey there, here's a copy of what I posted a few minutes before on another forum:

I passed the NCLEX first try with 75 questions in an hour and a half. I took the test Monday and got my results this morning 0clip_image002.png I had about 20-25 SATAs, 1 drag and drop, no EKGs, a few pharm, no computations, 1 delegation and a lot of prioritization and education. I agree with CSTtoRN...UWORLD was awesome!! The NCLEX wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I owe it all to UWORLD! For those of you who never heard of UWORLD: It's a test bank of approximately 2000 high rated questions with lots of SATAs. IMO....UWORLD questions were more difficult than the NCLEX itself. I Also used the NCLEX Mastery APP, Lippincott's NCLEX-RN Alternate-format questions (this book had great questions but the rationales were okay) and LaCharity's Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment book (GET this book! You need to know PDAs for the NCLEX; there's no way around it) and I focused on the chapter questions and did a few case studies for a challenge . Using UWORLD has helped me with the SATAs; to the point that I was looking forward to them on the NCLEX. Search for UWORLD on allnurses for more information. Good luck to all!!

I did the whole UWORLD test bank and my overall test average was 62%. I also went back and did a few of the incorrect ones. I wrote down the rationales of the content I had no idea about. With that being said, I did read and study EVERY SINGLE rationale (but I did't write all of them down, just the ones I couldn't retain very easily).

As for my testing experience: The test looked almost exactly the way UWORLD looks. This calmed my anxiety and I felt like I was taking another UWORLD test. I can't stress enough how much I loved UWORLD. You are definitely on the right track. Good luck!!