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I'll be taking the HESI in spring. I am confused as to what suject matter will and won't be on the test. For example, in the HESI Review manual there are study areas, Gerontological nursing and advanced clinical nursing.

1. Will the above examples be incorporated into the Med. Surg. part of the test or will they be left out completely?

2. Is there any particular order that you suggest to study the material?

I am anxious because I haven't done well on the practice HESIs that we take following completion of classes, but than again I didnt study for those since they were always following a final that was for a REAL grade.

Thanks for your help.


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Think of your HESI's like NCLEX tests. They are formatted the same, so just study as if you were studying for the NCLEX.

I used an NCLEX review book, and have consistently scored 99.99% on my hesi's. There was only one section I did not, and that was because the hesi was scheduled before the end of the semester, and we had not covered all of the material in lecture.

These tests do not count as a grade for us either, and several students think, "Why bother? It won't affect me, so I am not going to worry about it." To them I say: Worry now, and you will have a better understanding of the NCLEX later. After all is said and done in school, it is the NCLEX that matters most.

Make the most of the opportunity the Hesi's give you to LEARN how to take the NCLEX.

Thanks for the input, but you didn't answer my questions. :confused:

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Just review your material like you would for NCLEX. I think thats about all you can do.. I hated HESI. I found it more mentally exhausting than the NCLEX. My school found that to many students blew off the HESI so they made it a mandatory pass to graduate. The didnt give it until the last semester and if you didnt pass you had 2 more chances to pass or you remediated the last semester. Got their pass rate up though, and subsequent classes DID study after that.

Good luck, and keep looking forward.

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I think that the Hesi is general in the fact that they do ask questions pertaining to the different areas, but it is really about theory. For example, prioitizing, nursing process, some pharmacological questions but if you think about it, pedi and ob are specialty areas and they may ask question that have children or ob patients in them but if you know your basic prioritizing and nursing process as well as nursing interventions for med-surg patients it will help you. I suggest studying an NCLEX book. This is what I did and made 99.99% on all hesi tests that we had to take. I know that this may not be an exact answer, but it is hard to say exactly what is on the test. If you know your information and the nursing process, you will do fine. Good Luck


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I took hesi in May of this year. My advice to you is to know the "hesi hints"(the shaded boxes) there was some math on the exam and it was multiple step dosage calculations. Know your peds dosage calculations well. The hesi test, to me was nothing like NCLEX. the NCLEX was mainly critical thinking but the hesi is more knowledge based. It was composed of every area of nursing so do not rely on your med-surg knowledge. It is a very good predictor of how well you will do on the NCLEX in my opinion. If you did well in class on the exams you will do well with hesi. My classmates who were barely making in school did not do well on the hesi and a few will have to do remedial work before they can re-test and graduate. I scored a 99.99 on the hesi and passed state boards the first try. Good luck:)

thanks dead end, I'm reading the HESI review manual and plan to use the HESI practice CD, I am paying attention to the tips.

I think I'll just read the tips in the gerontological section and wont spend much time on that one or the advanced practice section.

Thanks everyone.


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Well, it all depends on what kind of HESI you are taking. Is it the HESI entrance exam, HESI for a specific class, or exit HESI? All of them are different. Just so you know, one is not allowed to discuss the actual content on the HESI, you must sign a paper saying you will not discuss it. SO, it just depends. It's a good idea to study math as was previously mentioned. My instructors told us that they were able to dictate what subjects would be covered on their HESI for each class. So, again, it just depends. for me, geriatrics was a separately graded section on my fundamentals HESI, but was incorporated in my Med/Surg parts on the med/surg hesi's. There is really no particular order to study the material, just study NCLEX style questions. THe NSNA 4th edition NCLEX review book was really helpful to me. THey have a brief subject outline in each section and practice questions in the book as well as a CD of practice questions. I made a 99.99 on my hesi like this. good luck

nekhismom, It is the exit HESI as far as I know since I graduate in may. It will cover all of the content we have covered in nursing school, fundamentals, med. surg., pediatrics, OB, psych., leadership. The official HESI review manual was recommended by the university faculty. From what you are saying I am assuming I will need to study the gerontological and advanced sections in the manual. Thanks for your help.


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Originally posted by EricTAMUCC-BSN

From what you are saying I am assuming I will need to study the gerontological and advanced sections in the manual.

I don't know what those sections contain because I never even heard of a HESI review manual, let alone used it. But on my exit HESI, most of the questions were general med/surg type questions. Some of the patients were geriatric, others not. We had a good deal of psych questions, and quite a few OB and PEdS questions. We only had a couple of leadership questions. Like I said, i liked the NCLEX style questions best. Good luck!

sorry for the confusion. What I call the HESI review manual is titled "NCLEX-RN" review that I bought from http://www.hesitest.com


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Originally posted by EricTAMUCC-BSN

sorry for the confusion. What I call the HESI review manual is titled "NCLEX-RN" review that I bought from http://www.hesitest.com

Thus, my post to you previously: Study for it like the NCLEX!

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