hey guys im not sure if i should be posting here..... but i took my comprehensive final test last friday aka the hesi for us......and i PASSED!!!!!!! Im so excited i did really well too.... and im glad bc i busted my butt!!! I felt like I really knew my stuff Im so happy!!! Now 2 classes more to pass this semester and Im outta there!!!

Next step NCLEX. Does anyone have suggestions..should i start studying now....prob wont take it until june/july. I Love the Saunders book so I think Im gonna stick with that!! Do you guys think that I should do a GN position.....or jus take that time to study?? Im not sure if it will benefit me?? Any suggestions let me kno!!!


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Congrats on the HESI! I take mine tomorrow! I'm alittle nervous about it....we have to pass it in order to get our ATT number......

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I take mine in March. We have to pass it in order to graduate. I am very nervous. Did you study from the Saunders book for the HESI?


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I took my HESI today. We have to make an 850 to graduate. I won't get the results until tomorrow morning. Anyone care to share how they did and what the conversion score ended up being?? I'm nervous!

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:idea: oops, double post.


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I did the CD that comes with the HESI book. The content on the test was the same as the CD with different questions. I found that alot of the answers to HESI questions were in the HESI hint boxes in the book as well. I wouldn't use any other resource if you only have a week. I would go through the book and do the CD and then go over your weaknesses according to the results you get from the practice exams and you will do fine!!

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I just found out the good news...I passed the HESI exit exam today as well! We had to have a 900 or better to graduate. So, now after my practicum I'm done with school. :w00t:

I use the Saunders book. I have the Kaplan book and a Mosby book...And a HESI book...But Saunders is my primary resource.

Now I'm starting to think about the HESI as well...

Anyway, congrats!


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I passed - couldn't believe it!! - with a 1082. I hope the NCLEX goes as well.


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congrats to everyone!!! it was definitely a hard test....some say harder than nclex.....we will see i take mine in a few months hopefully the first date they have then start wokrin june 18th!! does anyone have a job yet??


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When you are talking about the hesi book, are you talking about the nclex exam or just a regular hesi study for the different levels in school?

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I studied from the NCLEX Saunders book and I passed the exit HESI yesterday. It was a hard test, but that book prepares you very well for it. It is supposed to predict how you will do on the NCLEX, so I am very optimistic.

They let us substitute the final grade for the HESI grade if we want it. So I am not worried about the final at all. Good luck to all of you.

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