Hesi Score with Number of Incorrect Answers


I'd like to get a general idea of how many one could answer incorrectly and still obtain a grade of 850 on the Hesi Exit exam.

I realize the test itself is weighted and that there are 10 pilot questions with the highest score obtainable being 1500.

Thank you in advance.

I have searched other threads for this topic and have come up short. I appreciate any input


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Although I am sure the answer to your question is available somewhere, I wouldn't be concerned with this. Instead, focus on doing the best job you can answering each and every question. Good luck.


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Thank you:nuke:


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Focus on medsurg, funtamental, few maternal & ped. Make sure u understand ur basic skills. The question are awarded differently. The exam is CAT, so focus and practice question on Exam cram. Hope that might help!!!!!!!!:yeah:

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